Bukenqu Guanyin Temple, China



Bukenqu Guanyin Temple, China

A small temple located on the rocks by the sea. Pass the bamboo forest to Wat Phai Muang about 200 meters is enshrined. Guan Yin carved from wood. Overlay with gold The first Guanyin Island of Pudong Island. Built in 916, dating to the Tang Dynasty. It is the prosperous era of Buddhism in China. It is said that Luo Hui, a Buddhist monk from Japan. Buddhist monk take trip to study in China for the third time. Invited the goddess Kuan Yin from Rui San to bring back to Japan.

While passing through Pudong Island, there was a rainstorm. I live in this purple bamboo. As a long-time refugee, Guan Yin was not invited to Japan, so he and the natives built a small court. In the area. Name this court. “Guan Yin Temple is not allowed” This area can see the Cao Yin Tong This is the place where the goddess Kuan Yin and the stone inscription warn, “Do not follow and forbid finger point.



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