General Information of Taiwan

Taiwan Island is located between tropical and subtropical. It is characterized by tropical and subtropical climate. It is surrounded by the sea and is influenced by the monsoon. Make it cool. Not hot or too cold. The average temperature is 22 degrees Celsius per year. (Excluding areas. On high peaks.) There may be snow in the area. Over 3,000 meters above sea level, there are frequent precipitation and storms.

Mandarin is the official language of Hokkien (Hainan), a common language used by Mandarin. Senior official can use English.

Electrical system
Taiwan is using 110 V. 60 Hz power. (Unlike Thailand) The plug is a 2-pin flat leg, so you have electrical appliances such as video cameras, cell phones. Hair dryer There should be a Universal Adapter plugged in for your convenience. Film, battery to sufficiently from Thailand.

Food in Native food
Condiments are usually derived from nature. Mostly wild foods. For example, the local food is cooked with wild boar meat. Roasted chicken Herbs from the forest to fry. This traditional dining experience. Taiwanese people are considered spiritual and culture of Taiwan. Sample of local favorites food such as peach, tea, fried pork, turkey, lotus, fried noodles, fish.


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