Shoryudo Highway Bus Pass for 3 days on Takayama – Chihuahua – Kanazawa route


Ticket Name: Passenger Express Shirakawa Express Bus 3-Day Takayama-Shirakawa Expressway – Kanazawa
Ticketing Conditions: Tickets are for those who do not hold a Japanese passport.
Reservation: Shoryudo Hightway Bus ticket. Can not be booked online or by phone.
Where to buy: can be purchased through the Japanese tour company. Nagoya Airport ticket selling point

Tourist Attractions: Shirakawa, Nagoya, Takayama
Price: 7,500 yen
It’s a great way to travel to Shirakawa, Nagoya, Takayama because there are not a limited number of express buses connecting Nagoya to Gifu Takayama. Shi, Shi, Waka and Toyama. The ticket is also available at the Komatsu International Airport and Toyama Airport.