Great Kremlin Palace in Moscow, Russia

Great Kremlin Palace built in between 1837 and 1849. The palace located on an area of ​​over 170 acres in the Kremlin of Moscow, Russia. Great Kremlin Palace is symbol of the great past, the center of Russian history, culture and architecture. Great Kremlin Palace surrounded by red walls and towers. Inside, there is a castle, church, cathedral, museum, arsenal, armory, tower, fortress, cathedral, Assumption church, tower, peak. Around the palace is nearly 3 kilometers long tower towers tower dome these. When the sun is shining. Will see a beautiful shine.

“Kremlin” in Russian Meaning it means fortress. Which will include the Palace of the Cathedral and the government offices. The large red wall is about 2.25 km long and there are 20 fortified fortifications. Each fort has different details. Built to be the residence of the Tsar, all of them until UNESCO has provided Clementine Palace is a legacy of the world.


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