Imperial Enclosure in Hue, Vietnam

Imperial Enclosure

Imperial Enclosure is located in the heart of the city. The great and beautiful inheritance of the Nguyen Dynasty. The Imperial Enclosure is a historic centre and a distinguish architecture lying inside Hue Imperial City which was recognized as World Heritage by UNESCO. The Emperor or the palace was built according to the Chinese belief system. Designed to be surrounded by 3 floors. Interesting points of sightseeing. After you cross the bridge, go through the arches or outer walls to find the Sun Quan or the cannon. The 9 gods on the right are the five gods representing the five elements: metal, water, fire and fire. The four other representatives of the season four in a year later is the yellow wall.

It is the middle wall that surrounds the city of the emperor, the palace, the temple and the flower garden. The entrance door is decorated beautifully. 4 doors, the most important is the Ngogon or the noon door. Originally constructed in the reign of King Minh Mang. When you pass the second floor door By crossing the gold bridge. It was reserved only for the Emperor. You will find Taihao Palace. The most important palace in the city.

Welcome to the royal family. And diplomats abroad The royal court also used to hold important festivals as well. The temples within the walls were built for devotees to many nobles. The important temple is the well-tended monastery. Created for dedication to the rulers of the Nguyen Dynasty. Later on, the last part of the Emperor’s tomb was the Tang or the forbidden city of the emperor. It was reserved only for the emperor and the royal family.


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