Minh Mang Tomb in Hương Phong, Vietnam

Tomb of Minh Mang located at the mouth of Tatar and Ear The branch of the mother perfume converge. The village of Bloom. Construction of this cemetery began in 1840 or 1 year before his death. And accomplished by God In 1843, Lord Mahinda was the fourth son of God Yalong. And the second emperor in the Nguyen Dynasty.

He built the Emperor’s city and was highly regarded by the reformers. Traditions and agriculture He adheres to the administrative approach. Chinese rule By the district. Come up to the court. Including anti-French policy and severe repression. This policy made Vietnam a French colony at a later time. The first point of visit is the large patio with stone carvings of elephants, horses, soldiers and noblemen lined up. On the other side of the great work of many nameless craftsmen. Next to the stone inscription of the altar of the Spirit. And the inner palace surrounded by lagoon and shady garden. From the palace itself.

The grave can be seen as a large circular mound surrounded by high fences. But no one knows where the exact burial place is. No one allowed. In addition to those who buried their bodies, and those who bury their bodies, they must kill themselves. To follow Him as servants in the world.