Tomb of Khải Định in Hương Thủy, Vietnam

Tomb of Kinh Dinh
Tomb of Kinh Dinh is the only cemetery that combines Eastern architecture with Western architecture He was the emperor of the Nguyen Dynasty, the only one who had traveled to France. It takes 11 years to build. God is the adopted father of God. 9-year reign. In the French era. The graveyard up the graveyard is decorated with a magnificent dragon staircase that will take you up. To the first floor Then there is a staircase to the second floor, lined with stone statues of elephants, horses, military and civil servants. In the middle of the courtyard, there are inscriptions written in Chinese characters. Theses by God.

To commemorate his father, the top part is the inner Tiananmen Palace. Beautifully decorated with the use of floor tiles, murals, images of dragons. In a large cloud curtain drawn by artist who wrote footage. Decorated on the ceiling in the middle of the hall.
Left and right frescoes are filled with colorful glass. Colors and Tiles It depicts many stories of animals, trees and flowers, as well as the actual bronze statues of King Kaing Created in France in 1922, located on the top of the cemetery.


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