Mountaineering in Sikkim, India

Mountaineering in sikkim
Sikkim snuggled in the stretch of north eastern Himalayas is one of the best experience of the mountains. The beautiful state remains unrivalled when it comes to the thrilling experience of mountaineering. Mountaineering in Sikkim has been introduced very recently. The Government of Sikkim has opened some of its alpine peaks for climbing and other adventures. Mountaineering is a new step to promote quality adventure tourism in Sikkim.

Mountaineering season in Sikkim starts from April to June, and September to November. Temperature are milder in spring but there can be more snow around. Mid April, June through last week of September, to first week of December, is considered the safest and the best time for mountain adventures in Sikkim.

The breathtaking views form the magnificent heights. The trails through alpine meadows, rhododendron fields, scared lakes, bio-diversity and humming mountain brooks is enchanting. Adventure lovers have found their haven and nature lovers will be lost in the magnificence of the scenic beauty of mountains.

Thrilling Mountaineering Trails in Sikkim are

  • Mt Khangchedzonga (27,803 ft.)
  • Mt. Kabru (24,005 ft.)
  • Mt Siniolchu (22,610 ft)
  • Mt. Thingchinkhang (6010 meters) and Mt. Jopunu (5936 meters)
  • Mt. Pandim (22,010 ft)
  • Mt Rathong (21,911 ft.)

Prior permission is needed from Indian Mountaineering Institute before embarking on the mountain adventures in Sikkim.


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