Yak Safari in Sikkim, India

The Yak safari in Gangtok is the perfect opportunity to enjoy viewing wonderful flora and fauna. Enjoy an amazing journey into the wild with Gangtok Yak safari. Yak safari in Sikkim is truly a safari experience with a difference where you get a chance to ride colorfully adorned Yaks, wearing woolen knits over their horns, and bells around their neck. This animal offers you a ride around Tsomgo Lake near Sikkim while it walks on rugged trails and you treat your eyes to the scenic beauty.

Dzongri and Tsomgo Lake are the popular areas where Yak riding in Sikkim is popular amid tourists. Yaks domesticated animals in Sikkim but from the past few years, they offer memorable safari experiences. People of all age-group, from children to an old person, all can enjoy this activity.

Yaks are generally found on high altitudes of around 9000 feet but during the winter season, they are brought to somewhere around 7000 feet. In the Himalayan region, they are also a means of carrying goods. Do not forget to click a photograph while atop the Yak.



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