Tomb of Tự Đức in Hue, Vietnam

Tomb of Tu Duc located in the southwest of Hue City. The Tomb of God There are not many buildings. It is a beautiful place. According to records, he has designed almost all. This cemetery was built in 2407 and lasted for 3 years. It was completed by 3,000 people. Goddess was the son of the late King Emperor, the 4th Emperor of the Nguyen Dynasty.

The glory of this cemetery is two palaces under the old wooden building located on Lake Luka. Surrounded by lotus flowers blossomed all over. He spent his time in this palace, writing poetry and relaxing with fishing. Later, at the grotto of the cemetery, there was a large stone inscription of honor and Stories Occurred in reign And a large building that used to be the theater of your life. His tomb is in the innermost. Surrounded by the tranquility of grasslands.

The tree represents immortality. Because only one tree with green leaves throughout the year. Vietnamese people compared to the immortality of the emperor of the Nguyen Dynasty.