Ngoc Son (Jade Hill Temple) in Ho Chi Minh City of Vietnam

Ngoc Son or Jade Hill Temple

Ngoc Son Temple or Jade Hill Temple is located on the central island of Ho Chi Minh City at the lakeside on Jade Island. Just south of Hanoi’s Old Quarter and north of the French Quarter, walk to the temple or take a bus from central Hanoi. There is a street parking area in this area. The temple is open daily and costs a small fee, with discounts for. A small island It can be crossed from the shore to the temple by crossing the Hui bridge or the solar bridge. Bright red color is a unique one of Hanoi. Popular tourists took a picture as a souvenir as well as a temple on the moon. The interior is shady and there is a pavilion for relaxing. The ancient temples include an ancient shrine and a large tortoise staff, which is believed to be one of the two sacred tortoises who have lived in the lake for a long time.

It is one of the quietest and most beautiful places in Hanoi. This fascinating religious and historical site is famous for its beautiful scenery. Superb photo shoot and the interior is full of interesting objects. Explore the area around the lake and cross the Red Hook Bridge to the temple.

From the center of the bridge, you can admire the panoramic views of the lake. Wat Ngoc Son and Thap Rua (Tao Pagoda) at the opposite end of the lake. Do not forget to take a picture to record this experience with twilight. The background image to beautifully.

This temple was built in ancient Vietnamese style. The magnificent entrance is one of the most impressive landmarks of the city.

This temple is still used as a place of worship. Look at the priests are praying and smell the burning incense. Visit the temple’s buildings, including the Pen Tower and Dac Nguyet Lau (Sala Chom Chan). Visit the martyr’s memorial near this temple to honor those who died from fighting for the freedom of Vietnam.


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