Hadimba Devi Temple in Manali, India

Hadimba Devi is an ancient temple in Manali, which was built in 1553 by Raja Bahadur Singh. Legends has it that Hidimbi Devi, the wife of one of the Pandavas, Bhima, meditated at the very spot of the temple and owing to such a mythology, the temple was named after her. Located in the cedar forests of Manali, The most religious site of Manali, Hidimba Devi Temple is built around a cave, the sanctum of which is covered by four tiered Pagoda roofs. It is because of the mythological belief and architectural uniqueness.

As one strolls on the inside of this magnificent temple, carvings of various deities ornamented on wooden door frames and decorated horns of animals on the walls are likely to catch his attention. On the other hand, the exteriors of this temple are ruled by a 24 m high tower, which has its three tiers covered in timber tiles, while the topmost conical roof is in metal.


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