Gaiety Heritage Cultural Complex in Shimla of India

Gaiety Heritage Cultural Complex.png

Gaiety Heritage Cultural Complex located in Shimla of India. The Complex open from
11:00 AM – 7:00 PM (All Days). Gaiety Heritage Cultural Complex was adding to the charm of the ‘Queen of Hills’ is the highly popular Gaiety Heritage Cultural Complex, one of the top tourist attractions in Shimla. Located right in the middle of the bustling Mall Road which is the most popular tourist spot in Shmla, Gaiety Heritage Cultural Complex is a Gothic Victorian style theatre designed by renowned architect Henry Irwin which also happens to be the oldest cultural complexes in the state of Himachal Pradesh.

Over the decades, the complex has been subjected to renovation at different stages. This culminated in the partial demolition of the original structure, but the Gaiety theatre remained untouched. Once inside the heritage complex, visitors are likely to come across various sections such as Art Gallery, Multipurpose theatre, Ampitheatre, City Museum and Conference Hall.

Drawing a lot of interest is the Victorian Theatre, where greats like K.L Sehgal, Rudyard Kipling and Prithvi Raj Kapoor have performed.



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