What to know? About Shipping to Australia

The Quarantine Department of Agriculture and Water Resources has strict rules regarding the introduction of food, trees and animal products. In order to protect pets and prevent germs from entering the country, and to destroy the following natural habitats, they will be seized and destroyed. So do not try to send it.

Dairy products (Except those listed in countries that have been confirmed to be free from foot-and-mouth disease).

Fresh trees (including trees in pots) The tree rooted. Root and wood)
Seeds and nuts (Including whole grains Roasted corn And pine, including the type used.

Unprocessed meat production (From all animals. Including preserved meats and dried meats.

Refrigerated Air Conditioner Or anything containing CFCs or HCFCs.
Any contact with the soil must be thoroughly cleaned and sterilized, including:

Bee products such as bee pollen, bee pollen (including candles) and honeycomb
Animal products such as feathers, fur, shells and coral. (As well as jewelry) medicines for the treatment of animals. And animal feed

Other plant products (Including products such as wood or wicker furniture). Potpourri Straw or dried flowers

Footwear and Footwear The pads in the shoes must be properly disinfected.
Rural clothing can contaminate grain. Parts of plants or soil

Sports equipment or sportswear (Including golf clubs, fishing equipment, bicycles, etc.)
Equipment for camping (tent, stove, bed, etc.)

Gardening tools (mowers Furniture for balconies Gardening tools, etc.)
Outdoor toys and other equipment (Baby cot set for small children. Rocking chair for outdoor use, etc.)