Polin Monastery on Lantau Island, Hong Kong

Polin Monastery or Po Lin Temple is a Buddhist temple founded by three monks. Po Lin Monastery is a Buddhist monastery which located on Ngong Ping Plateau, on Lantau Island, Hong Kong. In 1906, Guan Yin Bodhisatta Mahatma Bodhisattva Later in 1924, the monastery was changed to the monastery and the monastery and the church has increased, so today there are many Buddhist monks. Po Lin Temple is a temple for the food of all kinds of meat. The temple is located at an altitude of 22 meters, overlooking the largest open-air bronze Buddha statue in the world, from nearly every part of the island, from the large incense burner at the bottom, climbing up to 268 steps.

The Buddha was made from welding plates to 200 sheets weighing 250 tons and 34 meters high. The Lord turned to the hillside. The South China Sea issues at the Buddha statue was dedicated to goddess worship Heavenly Glory Buddhist beliefs of Mahayana. It is the origin of the name of the candles on the top of this candlestick, which means heavenly altar. Under the Buddha is a picture of many ancient Chinese art. At present, Po Lin Temple is a very important Buddhist center. It is one of Hong Kong’s most popular and popular tourist spots.