Che Kung Temple (Che Kung Miu Buddhist temple) in Hong Kong

Che Kung Temple (Che Kung Miu Buddhist temple) in Hong Kong. Che Kung Temple is a sacred shrine dating back more than 300 years. It is located in the Shatin district. The temple was built to commemorate a prominent soldier named Chagang. Because of the riots in southern China, Chuk has made history. People praise and the Chinese people have the belief that if they go to pay homage and blessings from you, Ching will be successful in all respects.

To rotate the turbine located in the temple to rotate our lives and families to progress in front of the fortune and if the bad luck is considered to help. Spinning away bad and bad things out. In the wind turbine, there are four blades, namely, health, strength, safety, happiness and money flowing in every second day of the first month, according to Chinese calendar. The wind turbine is believed to help bring evil and sickness away from the body and bring good luck instead.