Wong Tai Sin in Hong Kong

Wong Tai Sin is one of Hong Kong’s most famous temples. It is one of the most important religious centers of the world. Ancient Chinese Temple The Sigismund Yuan Wong Tai Sin Temple is a center of religious beliefs, including 3 Taoist, Buddhist, and Confucianism.

Wong Tai Sin is the old temple over a hundred years old. Created in 1921 to dedicate to Wong Tai Sin, a young man who initiated Taoism into a magical force and became a goddess. I hope to use the herbs that heal the villagers. People praised him as a goddess, and set up a court for worship by the Hong Kong faith. This temple is sacred as one of the most famous temples in Hong Kong. Sickness So many people who put incense. And to pay homage to blessings. From love to auspicious in doing business. The interior is like an ancient Chinese temple with large red pillars and glistening brass roofs.


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