What should be prepared to travel in Bhutan?

What should be prepared to travel in Bhutan?

  1. Prepare sweater / hat / gloves / scarf
  2. Skinfood / Lip gloss
  3. If there is a disease. Let’s take the medicine.
  4. Drunk driving (some roads are crooked)
  5. Comfortable sneakers suitable for hiking.
  6. Passport
  7.  The dress

Thing to wear in Bhutan!

  • Clothes that similar polo shirt or shirt. Don’t wear T-Shirt but if you want to wear T-shirt then you must have jacket or a scarf for visit at the temple.
  • Underwear is the trousers. Do not put over knee The rules are similar to the temple.
  • Shoes should be heeled shoes or sneakers because it is easy to do activities.

Things to know before visiting Bhutan.


  • Weight not exceeding 30 kg.
  • Weight not exceeding 40 kg.
  • Carrying baggage up to 7 kg
  • Do not carry any liquid baggage. Carry-on luggage, such as all kinds of drinks, lotion, shampoo, hair gel, toothpaste, etc., can be carried in the bag to put under the plane.

Bhutan’s time is 1 hour later than Thailand. The area is 38,394 square kilometers. (Near Switzerland) is located above Assam, India. Bhutan is a small country. No access to the sea Located on the hills of the Himalayas. Have a contact with China. Is northern Tibet And South India.

There are 3 terrain features as:

  1. High Mountains It is part of the Himalayas.
  2. at the foot of the hill Found in the middle of the country.
  3. Plains found south of the country. The Brahmaputra

Bhutan is open for tourists 20,000 people per year, focusing on quality tourists. In order not to create environmental problems and affect traditional Bhutanese culture.

Bhutan is the only country in the world that is forbidden to buy. Sales and smoking in public are strictly prohibited. The national language is Tsonga, originally the western dialect of Bhutan. Later became the national language. National costume The man called the cattle, the woman’s part called kira. The monarchy was under the rule of King Jigme Khmer Namgal Wang Chuk was the 5th monarch of the Drukum dynasty.
The national anthem, written in 1966, at the beginning of the song, said:
“In the Kingdom of the Dragon,” “The Southern Land of Sandalwood,” “Long Live the King,” ”

The currency of Bhutan is called Ngultrum (Ngultrum) 1 baht equal to 1.4 NU. Only Thai money to exchange at the hotel. Redeemable if not used.

The national animal is the kin, a rare animal. It is only in Bhutan. And in endangered species often live with the herd in the forest. At a height of over 4,000 meters above sea level. National flower and flower is popular Cyprus planted with measure and blue poppy flowers. A wild flower found in the mountainous region of Bhutan.
Tap water should not be drunk directly from the tap because it is not clean. It is recommended to buy bottled water.

The power supply is 220 volts, it is a 3 pin plug. National food A simple folk food. The main dishes are both rice noodles, also popular chewing corn. Most of Bhutan’s food is composed of Fresh chili with boiled butter sauce with radish Pork and pork Bhutanese people taste delicious food. Drinks are often tea or milk sugar. In winter, fermented wines are mixed with rice and eggs. Do not smoke. There are also Tibetan dishes such as meatballs. Tea, butter and salt And the Nepalese food in the South is the main food.

Bhutan has two newspapers, one local newspaper and one English newspaper.
Bhutanese people will say three times. Like the Buddha image. Time to go to temple Do not speak loud And have to remove the shoes to show respect for the place. Umbrellas and hats are prohibited in both temples and envelopes.

Credit cards are also used very little. Visa card with American Express, there are a few stores in Thimphu accepted. Some internet services are available to customers. Free of charge. Public phone in Bhutan For your convenience, please contact the hotel directly. Some hotels offer SIM cards for customers at 200 baht per minute, 7 per minute (Bhutan) from Bhutan to Thailand, which is 1 baht per kilogram of Bhutan.

  • If you want to call Thailand, dial 001 + 66 + city code + number.
  • If you dial from Thailand to Bhutan, dial 001 + 975 + city code + number.

Bhutan is a small country. The climate is not very different. The climate is semi-tropical with rain. Except for the high mountain. The weather is cold. Daylight 25 – 15 degrees Celsius Night 10 – 5 degrees Celsius. There are 4 seasons.

  1. Spring is from March to May. During this time, the weather will be warm and rain may be sporadic.
  2. Summer is in June – August. This is a storm. The mountains are green.
  3. Fall is between September and November. During this time, the weather will be cool. Bright sky Suitable for walking.
  4. Winter is from December to February. The air is cooled at night and dawn. Especially January, there may be snow.