Bhutan Travel Information


Bhutan Travel Information
About Bhutanese Visa for foreigner

  • Bhutanese visa are only available through travel agents. To support tourism in Bhutan. Travelers can not request a visa and travel alone. Bhutan does not accept tourists traveling alone. Visitors are required to travel in groups only through a travel agency in Bhutan.

Bhutan visa application
All embassies in Bhutan will not perform any duties. About the issuance of visas into Bhutan The agency responsible for considering the visa application to Bhutan. There is only one unit. Bhutan Tourism Bureau Ministry of Commerce and Industry It has offices in Thimphu. Contact: Departnebt of Tourism, PO Box.126, GPO Thimphu, Bhutan Telephone (975-2) 323 251, 323 252 Fax (975-2) 323-695 Website http://www.tourism

Documents for entry into Bhutan
1. Passport valid for at least 6 months from the date of travel.
2. 1 inch photo in front of 1 color photo

Tourism in Bhutan Tourists must contact the tour operator to process the visa application. Bhutan costs tourists to spend at least USD200 per day, a fee set by the Bhutanese government. This will include the cost of accommodation, transportation, local guides, if you travel a small number of people, such as a visa for tourists under 3, it will be charged separately. Student visa has reduced the fees. Do not take travelers alone. Bhutan is a guest house only.

When a travel agent conducts a visa All applicants must submit a list of applicants who will travel to Bhutan with all their expenses during their stay in Bhutan. The DOT will take a visa approval period of 10-15 business days. Bhutan will return to Bhutan. The license number will be displayed to Bhutanese officials at the time of entry. (Via air at Paro airport Landing at Pulau Shillong Border between India and Bhutan)

Travelers must obtain a visa before entering Bhutan. And at the first checkpoint of Bhutan. The officer will check the visa document issued by the DOT. When the documents are correct, the officer will stamp the passport. Visitors to Bhutan will have to pay a fee of US $ 20 and two photos to Bhutanese immigration officials. (Write your name and passport number on the back of the photo). Extended stay in Bhutan can be made by filing a visa application at Thimphu. The fee is 510 per hour for up to 6 months.

Bhutanese Embassy in Thailand
Address: 375/1 Soi Ratchadanivat Prachauthit, Samsennok, Huay Kwang, Bangkok 10310 Tel: 02 – 274 4740 – 2 Fax: 02- 274 4743 Office hours: Mon – Fri 09: 00-17: 00 hrs. //

Bhutanese customs prohibit the introduction of antiques such as tataka (antiques), Buddhas or products made from plants and animals outside Bhutan. Travelers must declare their personal belongings to Bhutan, such as cameras, camcorders, computers and electrical appliances, in writing to the customs officer on arrival. Officials will check the number of items displayed to staff at the time of departure outside Bhutan. Travelers leaving Bhutan by plane There will be 500 airport taxes.

Do not bring artifacts (white stones, white stones, precious stones of Bhutan), butterfly bushes Products made from animal organs outside Bhutan. Including artifacts. Not that old or new. The idol of the Buddha, the mantle of the relics. Bell or vajra etc. of Bhutan must be informed in advance to Bhutan guides.

Why Bhutan Restricted Tourism There are three main reasons.

  1. Bhutan’s infrastructure and facilities are not welcome to welcome large numbers of tourists.
  2. The Bhutanese government wants to keep nature in Bhutan for the longest time.
  3. It is the wish of the present king of Bhutan. To maintain the traditions and arts and culture strictly. Especially the dress. And Bhutanese architecture

Travel by plane
Bhutan has one of the only airlines flying from Bangkok to Bhutan. Bhutan is Bhutanese airline. There are five Bhutanese routes to Bhutan, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. There are 4 flights a week, Monday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday (Drake Airways website www. Tel. 02-535-1960.

  • Drake Airways It started operating in 1983 with two 17-seat Dornier 288 single-engine aircraft. By 1997, there were three, two Russian-made BAE 146s. The 72-seat Four Engine Jets offer 10 places in the business class and 62 in the economy class. Düsseldorf Airline There are only five countries in the world, namely India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Burma and Thailand, where Dukan Air is all Bhutanese. The training of Thai Airways.
  • There is only one Bhutan airport. Is Paro airport? Thirty miles from Thimphu during the monsoon season. The air is always variable. Paro Airport is located amidst mountains.