Tazawako Lake in the city of Semboku, Akita Prefecture, northern Japan

Tazawako Lake has a depth of 423.4 meters. It is the deepest lake in Japan. It is the 17th highest point in the world. There is a scenic view over the lake, a statue of Tatsuko, a young woman in the eye of the dragon, who protects this lake.

The northern tip of Goza no Ishi Shrine is the place where local nobles visit nature. On the west side of the lake there is the famous golden statue of Tatsuko (Tatsuko Statue). It is believed that she is a beautiful girl who prayed for her beauty forever. But back to the curse and become a sinking dragon into the lake below.

On the east side of the lake The area has been developed as a bus stop, a shop, a restaurant, a bike rental shop. And a lake cruise. To be served in late April – early November. The boat will sail to the statue of Tako. Then back Takes a total of 40 minutes, costs 1,200 yen.

How to get there:

  • From Tazawako Station take a bus to Tazawa-kohan bus stop (east of the lake), take 12 minutes, charge 360 ​​yen bus every 1 hour (bus ride to Nyuto Onsen or Tamagawa Onsen)
  • Getting around the lake Take a 6-day bus ride to the north of the lake to the Tatsuko Statue.
  • Take a scenic boat ride. Shirahama pier is adjacent to the Tazawa-kohan bus stop to Katajiri Pier, Takuoka, in late April-early November.
  • Self Drive about 30 minutes (without stop).



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