Bhutan Landscape Information


Bhutan is located in the Himalayan region between India and China. (Adjacent to Tibet) is a country with a lot of mountains. It has been called. “Switzerland of Asia” was originally attached to Tibet. But it was split into an independent state since 1630.

Bhutan is a small country with an area of ​​47,000 square kilometers. Located north of Assam, India. There are places to visit for people who like nature and traditional culture. The snow-covered Himalayas throughout the year extend through the upper part of Bhutan. In the middle of the country, the valley gradually converts to the southern plains that continue from India. Bhutan has many different terrains. From the white peaks above 7,000 meters in the north to the green plains 300 meters above sea level in the south.

  • North and North, adjacent to Tibet (China)
  • South of Assam and West Bengal (India)
  • East adjacent to Arunachal Pradesh (India)
  • West adjacent to Sikkim (India)

Bhutan is a landlocked country. But there are many rivers flowing from the Himalayas. Cut through the north-south line. Abundance of central and south As a result, most Bhutanese live in the middle of the valley. (Altitudes 1,100 to 2,600 meters) and the south. (300 to 1,600 meters). A steep mountain range from north to south that descends from the Himalayas, forming a wall between the central valleys. Cut off the community. Leaving the village mostly alone. Can not go to each other easily.