Haa Summer Festival Year 2019 in Paro City of Bhutan

Haa Summer Festival (schedule) Year 2019
Date: July 12, 2062 – July 13, 2019

Dancing City Mask Festival Held annually in the summer, among the valleys. Bhutan is one of the most important festivals of Bhutan. The culture and way of life of Bhutanese natives is very good for this year 2018. The festival is held for two days, July 14-15, 2018.

For the Bhutanese Dancing Mask Festival Believed to be a celebration that elevates the spirit. Lively and colorful. Whether it is the elegant costumes of dance performers. Including the national dress of the city residents. If you plan to travel to Bhutan this summer (June / July / August), choose the trip you have the opportunity to attend. Tell me that it is your special trip ever. Read about Bhutanese mid-year travel.

Traveling from Paro (The city of the international airport) to the city of Ha, you will see the scenery of the fertile mountains. Take a photo at the most famous scenic spots “Chilila Pass Chelela Pass” (Read about the view point Chilila Pass). In addition, may see the white poppy. The origin of the city. And meet the lifestyle of the people of Hap. Aboriginal people live in the Ha valley, where their lives are often wandering. Not with Also known as “Nomad” (nomadic) with anyway.




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