Bhutan Post Office Headquarter in Thimphu, Bhutan

Bhutan Post Office is one of the world’s most beautiful postage stamps. Visitors can purchase a commemorative stamp at this post office. There are several options. Whether it is a natural view. Himalayas Valleys and rivers Amazing scenery Tourist attractions include important sights, including famous temples such as ParoSun, Pune, Sung, Tim Pyeong, Kusu Temple, Shimizu Temple, National Flowers such as Blue Poppy, The image of King and Queen It is a memorial that once you have traveled to Bhutan, there are also three-dimensional stamp.

Another interesting thing is that you can take photos of themselves stamped back as well. There are also postcards selling postcards. You can choose postage stamps on your selected postcard. Then send back to Thailand for yourself or to someone close. This is a very interesting tourist activity around this post office. There are traders selling souvenirs to sell tourists.

Best time to visit Bhutan Post Office Headquarter that can be visited throughout the year but if the travelers want to make most of their trip to Mongar, late spring from April to May when the valley is bursting with the color riot of vibrant rhododendron and juniper is considered the best time to visit Drametse Lhakhang of Mongar.


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