Thimphu Shu Festival in Bhutan

Thimphu Shu is one of the greatest festivals of Bhutan. Organized for 3 days at the fort of Taichung. The capital of Thimphu on the eighth day of the 8th lunar month. It will be in the autumn of 2018. This is exactly the date of September 19-21, with the people of Thimphu and the nearby cities attended more than a thousand people. In fact, it was a religious ritual that prayed from gods. If you go to Bhutan during the mask dance festival. Bhutan is a worthwhile tour.

The Tim Pusei Festival started in 1867. There are only 2-3 sets of performances and performances by monks. It was changed in 1950 by King Chedi Dovji Chuk Cheek King Rama III led the mascot dance by the novice to apply to the traditional performances as well. By adding color and variety to the show. And make the audience fun. Because it is similar to the stage. It is a story by dance and use the chanting teachings, the essay in the scriptures, the scriptures of the scriptures to sing the song into the show. Another performance at the Tim Puusu Festival. The center of attention is very good. And it is a goddess. And be amazed at the same time. Tuk Tuk Also known as Rebellion Cloth Show Tell the story of Buddhism, beliefs and history of Bhutanese people who have inherited for a long time.

One of the most important characters in the festival of Thimphu Chu is comedian Atsaras. I believe that it is like protecting the evil do not come to destroy the festival. Currently, the comedian Atsara will perform shortly. The social and health of the audience.

On the last day of the festival, there was a rebel ensemble, and there was still the aftermath of a masked dance based on religious beliefs, gods and sacred things. Blend with the play. Dances of the natives Dance of history, political history, government, fighting, war and war, the fight of the Bhutan warriors. Dance performers are dressed. And decorate The traditional culture is spectacular. Bhutan is proud of itself. And is impressed by foreign tourists.


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