Kakunodate in Akita of Japan

Kakunodate (角館町 Kakunodate-machi) is a town located in Senboku District, Akita Prefecture, Japan. The town is famed for its well-preserved samurai houses and the proliferation of cherry trees. It is a popular destination for hanami, or cherry blossom viewing. It is sometimes referred as ‘the little Kyoto of Tōhoku’ (みちのくの小京都 Michinoku no sho-Kyōto).

The samurai house built in the Edo period of 1620 still preserve the story of the Samurai inside very well. Old, cultural value. Ideal for a visit in the spring. Sakura on both sides of the way together with a beautiful reception. You can also rent a kimono for 4,000 yen or an ancient carriage.

In the past, Kakunadat was once prosperous as the site of the castle. And now it still has a look that resembles that of Kyoto. Let us experience the beautiful Japanese atmosphere in the past. Travelers can easily travel from Tokyo or Sendai via the Akita Shinkansen Shinkansen and can also take a stroll to some of the major tourist attractions. The samurai village is the village where the samurai warriors used to live in the past. In addition to these houses.

Here are also many charms to experience the history. Whether it is ancient handicraft products. Or a variety of folk food, etc., which is another reason for tourists to visit. Follow this road samurai village. There are a lot of trees. No matter what season it is. Visitors will always enjoy the beautiful scenery. Especially from mid-October to mid-November. We will see pictures of colorful leaves that bend the chandelier to cut the black edge of the fence of the samurai is very beautiful.



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