Famous Greece Culture of the Country

Greece culture is famous for its art as a model of architecture with distinctive features and The elegance of the pillars of the Parthenon Decorated in the upper part of the pole with Greek art. There are 3 types: Doric, Ionic and Corinthian. Will see the Greek pillars as the front decoration of important buildings and buildings Which is the world’s most famous architectural work according to the capitals of various countries in Europe, America and Australia Important work places Of famous countries All of Greece’s art architecture brings together an era.

The construction is accepted in the civilization that flourished in ancient Greece and was Transferring the cultural heritage that had flourished in the past of Greece to every corner of the world. Architecture that is a cultural heritage of Greece that has been published all over the world. The painting and sculpture of Greece is also a treasure trove of museums and galleries trying to find as many treasures as possible. Although Greece’s fine art is becoming a treasure of the leading museums in other countries, Greece still has a lot of ancient art in the country.


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