Rosslyn Chapel Church in Scotland

A small church in southern Edinburgh in Scotland Which if anyone can watch a movie or read a famous novel “The Da Vinci Code” of Dan Brown. American writers will recognize this “mystery church of Christianity”, which is a great attraction for many tourists. Want to unravel the secret code puzzle that the ancient mechanic carved into the wall and the whole church roof And the legend says the Holy Grail that is hidden in this church.

Which in the history of the Holy Grail is the sacred cup that Jesus used to drink wine during the last supper before he was crucified Of Jesus and Mrs. Mary Magdalene, who descended and descended to present.

This Rosslyn church is made entirely of stone like a church. Will be different in the internal details Which the former technician carved out until the full kaleidoscope of the whole back From the high ceilings to the small monolithic windows That supports the window Altars as well as walls throughout the church Has been engraved with the pattern until almost left to breathe There are two beautiful pillars that support the church. But the most beautiful tree is the Apprentice Pillar at the base of this column Was carved into 8 dragon figures with grape leaves growing out of each dragon’s mouth Slither the entire pole around And became a pillar of legend in history.