Chapter 72: Extravagance

Zhou Chengze’s words have been hovering in her mind, which will still make her feel palpitated. When I thought she slapped him again, her hands would ache painfully, as if you touched something that should not be touched. It’s just that the matter has come to this point, it’s too late to regret, let alone go back in time.

Gu Xiaochen sat in the office, put down his pen and turned his head to look out of the floor-to-ceiling window.

The blue sky and white clouds, the sky in February, is so beautiful.

She withdrew her eyes and buried herself in her work.

Unconsciously, the sky gradually darkened.

Gu Xiaochen started to pack things off work, and when he walked out of the office of the department, the employees had already gone almost. Turning back to the corridor, Yao Yongxin was walking towards her. Her footsteps slowed down a bit, thinking that it was already time for work, and yelled softly, “Sister Yongxin.”

“It’s so coincident, let’s go together.” Yao Yongxin smiled heartily, and the two of them walked to the elevator together.

Taking the elevator downstairs, Yao Yongxin turned his head inadvertently, only to see Gu Xiaochen bow his head and frown. She was a little confused, and said in a casual tone, “Why? Is something unhappy lately?”

“Well? No.” Gu Xiaochen raised her head and met her sincere eyes.

“If there is something unhappy, you can tell me. In this way, unhappy things are reduced by half.” Yao Yongxin shook his head like a big sister.

“Really not.” Gu Xiaochen immediately felt warm in her heart and smiled at her. “Sister Yongxin, thank you.”

“If it doesn’t, that’s good.” Yao Yongxin didn’t continue to ask, nor did he deliberately force it.

“Ding–” The elevator reached the ground floor, and the two came out one after the other.

As soon as they walked out of the building, the two raised their heads slowly, but Gu Xiaochen was terrified by the vehicles waiting in front of the roadside.

That’s Zhou Chengze’s car! Gu Xiaochen clenched the handle of the shoulder bag.

But the people in the car did not get off, and still waited quietly.

“Xiaochen, I will give you a ride. You are waiting for me here.” Yao Yongxin was about to pick up the car, Gu Xiaochen hurriedly returned, “Sister Yongxin, it is not convenient, I have to go somewhere else today.”

” It turned out to be the case, so I won’t give it away. Be careful on your own way. “Yao Yongxin waved his hand at the door of the building with her.

The door of the sports car was not opened until Yao Yongxin walked away.

Zhou Chengze wore a white shirt, a thin thin wool vest, and a black coat on the outside. His body had a smell of calligraphy, and the silver-rimmed glasses condensed the sharpness and sharpness of his eyes, adding a bit of elegance to his handsome and graceful appearance.

Gu Xiaochen didn’t want to argue with him here, and greeted him, “Mr. Zhou, is something wrong?”

“Aunt Fen is sick.” Zhou Chengze said, leaving Gu Xiaochen stunned.


Sitting in the car and heading to the Zhou’s villa, Gu Xiaochen asked, “How long have you been ill?”

Zhou Chengze held the steering wheel and said

lowly , “Some days.” “Why don’t you tell me!”

Zhou Chengze turned silently and turned to look at her. “She doesn’t want you to worry. And, you don’t know where you are.”

Gu Xiaochen was annoyed and blamed when he heard him say, “How could it be sick, what kind of illness.”

” Caused by a cold, I had a high fever before. “Zhou Chengze said,” but the fever has gone down in the past few days, don’t worry. “

Silence along the way, no one said anything.

Arriving at the Zhou family villa, Gu Xiaochen was taken upstairs by Zhou Chengze. She walked into the bedroom and saw Lin Fen who was sleeping in bed. The nurse was taking care of her aside, with a few drops hanging on the back of her hand. The original radiant Li Rong no longer existed. Because of her illness, she was much paler and thinner, and her spirit did not look particularly good.

“Master Zhou,” the nurse nurse yelled softly.

Zhou Chengze immediately made a gesture, and the nurse nodded and left. He glanced at Gu Xiaochen, but turned and exited the bedroom. The door was gently closed, and Gu Xiaochen looked at Lin Fen lying in bed, and suddenly felt sad. In the past few years, every time Lin Fen was sick, she never accompanied her.

For a long while, Gu Xiaochen took his steps and walked to the edge of the bed to sit down.

She carefully held Lin Fen’s hand, daring not to force it, and did not want to wake her. Even looking at her like this and holding her hand is like a luxury thought, she can’t be too attached.

Something fell from the eye socket and dripped on the back of Lin Fen’s hand.

Gu Xiaochen hurriedly wiped tears, while Lin Fen woke up quietly. Seeing Lin Fen waking up, she shouted anxiously, “Mom, how are you doing? Isn’t it uncomfortable?”

“Xiao Chen …” Lin Fen was a little surprised, but there was a hint of surprise in her eyes. The sullen expression gradually became cheerful, and took her hand lightly.

Gu Xiaochen accompanied Lin Fen to eat something, but also personally fed her pills. After chatting for a while, the effect of the drug gradually began to appear. Lin Fen’s eyelids were heavy, and he seemed to be sleeping. She held Gu Xiaochen’s hand and whispered softly, “Xiaochen, Mom knows that you don’t like the Zhou family. In the future, if you really don’t want to come, then don’t force it.”

“You’re wronged … good boy …” Lin Fen’s The sound became softer and lighter, and finally became a smooth breathing sound.

Gu Xiaochen stared at her and looked at her for a long time before releasing her hand.

After walking out of the bedroom, Zhou Chengze stood in the corridor, as if he didn’t want to disturb them, so he didn’t go in.

“Thank you for telling me. Bye.” Gu Xiaochen whispered and walked up the stairs.

Zhou Chengze wanted to grab her hand, but still no action. Just follow her and send her away. As soon as he walked out of the villa, Gu Xiaochen was about to speak, but Zhou Chengze said, “Tomorrow, I will pick you up. You will accompany Aunt Fen these days.”

“Mr. Zhou is not used to pick me up. I can take a taxi myself.” Gu Xiaochen finished and turned to walk door.

Zhou Chengze’s low male voice came from behind, empty and distant, “Maybe my expression is wrong, but, marry me, not as bad as you think.”

Walking out of the Zhou family, Gu Xiaochen looked up at the night sky.

where did the disappeared person go again.

After work, Gu Xiaochen took the bus to the platform near Zhou’s house. After getting off the bus and walking for a while, you can see Zhou’s villa. Ringing the doorbell, the maid led into the villa. For a few days, she accompanied Lin Fen and talked and laughed. Lin Fen’s condition improved quickly and her spirit became better. She no longer needed to hang water.

Near dinner time, Lin Fen came to the side hall with Gu Xiaochen’s help.

In the partial hall, there are only Zhou Mosheng and Zhou Yaru’s father and daughter, and Zhou Chengze obviously has not returned.

“Aunt Fen.” Zhou Yaru shouted obediently, glanced at Gu Xiaochen, and asked unpleasantly, “How are you here!” She had trouble with Zhou Chengze before, so she flew abroad to relax. After the anxiety disappeared, she came back and arrived home today. I just didn’t expect to see the annoying people as soon as I came back.

“Ruru!” Zhou Mosheng drank and gave everyone a long deterrent.

Zhou Yaru immediately stopped, and stopped talking.

Lin Fen clenched Gu Xiaochen’s hand, as if afraid of her being sad. And she only helped Lin Fen to sit down when she didn’t hear that.

“Xiaochen, stay and eat together.” Zhou Mosheng said.

Gu Xiaochen smiled slightly at Lin Fen, looked up at Zhou Mosheng, and said politely, “Uncle Zhou, there is something wrong at night, so I can’t stay.”

“I’m not polite! Go away!” Zhou Yaru complained again.

Zhou Mosheng said in a deep voice, “Since this is the case, then I will not stay.”

“Goodbye.” Gu Xiaochen let go of Lin Fen’s hand, but she held it tightly. Seeing the reluctance and attachment in Lin Fen’s eyes, he could only smile, and he finally let go. The moment he turned around, Zhou Chengze, who had just arrived home, walked into the side hall. His eyes swept the crowd and stayed on Gu Xiaochen.

“Going away?” Zhou Chengze took off his coat and the servant immediately picked it up.

Gu Xiaochen nodded slightly and said “En”.

“Let’s go after eating.” He has a salty tone, but a bit of domineering. It seemed to realize that this was wrong, and he said, “Today I apologize to you as Yaru.”

“Brother!” Zhou Yaru shouted dissatisfiedly, but Zhou Chengze’s cold eyes made her swallow the words back. She looked at Lin Fen again, and saw that she was recovering from a serious illness and was still weak. I didn’t want to be angry with her, but I couldn’t hold my face, so I said reluctantly, “Apologize and apologize, you stayed for dinner!”

“Xiaochen, stay here.” Lin Fen was relieved and hurriedly persuaded .

Gu Xiaochen was embarrassed at one moment and could only stay.

The Zhou’s meal is very regular and does not make any sound. Only this time, Gu Xiaochen sat next to Lin Fen, which made her feel more comfortable. After dinner, the maid served tea.

Several people returned to the side hall and sat down, chatting casually about the topic.

Zhou Yaru holding a flower tea, suddenly thought of something, said excitedly, “Brother, next time you go to Wu’s office, take me to go?”

“Ruru, what do you do to Wu’s.” Zhou Mosheng asked with a smile, but I know what idea this daughter has in her heart.

Zhou Yaru lily shy, coquettishly said, “Brother, okay!”

Zhou Chengze drank the Longjing tea, put down the tea cup, he just looked up, said nonchalantly, “The cooperation with Wu Shi has long ended, recently There won’t be any exchanges. “

” What! Why? “Zhou Yaru was extremely lost.

“Your brother paid off all of Wu’s loans two months ago, you girl!” Zhou Mosheng ridiculed with a smile and saw her daughter frowning, only to feel cute.

Hearing this, Gu Xiaochen’s hand holding the tea cup shook, and the cup almost fell from his hand. Fortunately, she recovered in a hurry and held the tea cup so that it did not smash to the ground. But the tea in the cup spilled out, splashing on the back of her hand, and her heart was more turbulent than the splashing tea.

what? Has he paid off Wu’s loan?

“Xiaochen?” Lin Fenhu questioned and took a tissue to wipe her.

“I … I still have something … I’m sorry, I’m leaving now.” Gu Xiaochen just felt upset and got up sharply, even saying “sorry” several times, and walked away in anxious steps.

“Xiaochen?” Lin Fen shouted in surprise.

Zhou Chengze’s eyebrows were slightly wrinkled, and his eyes were glowing.

“Aunt Fen, is your body better?” Zhou Yaru snorted and shifted to Lin Fen.

“Much better.” Lin Fen smiled slightly, but worried, what happened to the child?

Running out of the Zhou’s villa, Gu Xiaochen stopped a car. Sitting in the car, she was in a panic. Zhou Chengze paid off the loan, but why didn’t she know? Still kept in the bone? Wu Helian, why didn’t he say that? Even continue to be with her to fulfill that contract?

At the same time of anxiety and anxiety, another kind of taste emerged in my heart.

She hurried back to Yinshen’s apartment and found no one was there. I had to take out my phone and press his number in a daze. After thinking about it, I couldn’t help but press the dial button.

However, the female voice over the phone made her heart sink, “Sorry, the user you dialed has been turned off …”

…… The

day had to pass day after day, but Gu Xiaochen was in a trance.

The Chinese New Year is about to begin, and the company begins to take seven days of annual leave.

However, Wu Helian is still missing.

Since the airport parted, he has just evaporated. No one knows where he went, and no one knows what happened to him. The only person who may know the truth may be Wu Haoyang, but Gu Xiaochen cannot ask.

What identity should she ask, even she felt unable to stand.

Until the day before the holiday, Gu Xiaochen heard the news from his colleague’s argument, “Master Lian has come to the company!”

Suddenly, his heart beat fast.

He is back? Gu Xiaochen held the file and stood in a daze.

… The

seven-day long holiday during the Chinese New Year, the company is doing the final handover work. The same is true in the investment department. But Gu Xiaochen was a little distracted, holding a document report in her hand, she had read it for ten minutes. But the report is still on the first page. Her eyes are empty and there is no focal length. She doesn’t know where she is looking.

Maybe he was leaving soon, and then he didn’t know when he would return to the company to meet him.

Maybe she returned to Yinshen’s apartment and could wait for him at night.

Maybe … two possibilities haunt her, leaving her no choice.

How can I do?

“Beep–” The phone rang and woke Gu Xiaochen in thought.

She hurriedly answered the phone and heard Wu Haoyang shouting, “Secretary Gu, you come!” The

voice dropped and the call was hung up.

Gu Xiaochen had to put down the documents in his hand and got up and walked to the deputy general office. When she walked in front of Wu Haoyang, she shouted “Vice President”, but Wu Haoyang threw a document in front of her. The unruly Junrong was still arrogant, Shen Sheng said, “This document is in a hurry, you go and let He General signature. “

” Yes. Vice President. “Gu Xiaochen heard him say this, and he was very happy. She picked up the documents and turned and walked out of the office.

Now she has a fair and justified reason to see him!

Wu Haoyang stared at her back, and turned the pen in his hand to play boringly. Suddenly holding the pen tightly, frowning, he seemed helpless to sigh.

Gu Xiaochen took the elevator to the top floor and came to the assistant room for instructions. Since Xia Yuan’s resignation, the position of president secretary has been vacant till now. Related matters were assigned to two assistants. After working here for a while, the two assistants were very enthusiastic when they saw Gu Xiaochen, “Secretary Gu, you and so on.” The

assistant made a direct phone call into the president’s office and respectfully reported, “Master Lian, Deputy Secretary General Gu sent Document. “

” Let her come in. “Wu Helian’s deep male voice came through the phone without any slight ups and downs.

But Gu Xiaochen clenched the documents in his hands, so nervous. She walked to the office and took a deep breath before knocking on the door and opening it. The warm air greeted herself at once, and she closed her door with her head down.

Suddenly found that he dare not face him.

Gu Xiaochen looked up slowly, and finally saw his figure.

Wu Helian sat on the executive chair, and the pen in her hand was signing one document after another. The disappearance of these days, coupled with the previous vacation, the company’s official documents have long accumulated into a hill. He was wearing a black suit and even his shirt was black. His dark hair concealed his handsome face and could not see his expression. Only the upper left hand pocket of the suit jacket, don’t wear the gentleman’s white handkerchief.

The whitewash is particularly prominent.

Such a depressed black, Gu Xiaochen also saw a little depression.

But he did not raise his head, work on his own, and directly ignored her.

Gu Xiaochen finally walked to the desk and said softly, “Master Lian, the deputy general asked me to take this document for you to review.”

Wu Helian stretched her hand forward, instructing her to hand it over. Gu Xiaochen was stunned and hurriedly handed the document to him. He took it by himself and opened the file. The tip of the fountain pen swayed arbitrarily, and the nib was written with dragons and phoenixes.

“Get out.” He threw the document at the desk in front of her, sneering.

Gu Xiaochen stared at the troubled signed document, completely stunned.

He seemed so indifferent that he was back in the past, with no change at all. He is still him. But the one who laughs and laughs, the one who yells overbearingly, and the childish ridicule … that he suddenly disappeared again.

Those days were really like a dream.

Now the dream is awake and everything is back to its original point.

I knew it would be like this for a long time, but I still felt depressed.

She should not be conscious, and should not be. Gu Xiaochen bit his lips tightly, trying to wake himself up.

“What’s the matter?” Wu Helian’s cold male voice sounded again, with a trace of impatience.

Gu Xiaochen struggled for a long while, gently clenched his fists, calmly and calmly opened, “Master Lian, I would like to ask one thing.”

“Say.” He spit out a word, but the brave eyebrows began to wrinkle.

“Did Zhou’s loan have been paid off?” Gu Xiaochen said word by word, until he finished the last word, and suddenly found that the whole person was empty. After so many days of confusion in my heart, I finally asked at this time.

He raised his head steadily, his amber eyes deep, with a sharp, cold light. The handsome looks are dazzling, but the whole person is even more indifferent. Between the slightly frowning eyebrows, there seemed to be a little tired, but it was just covered by the black hair, and it was not perceivable.

“Zhou’s loan was paid off two months ago.” Wu Helian said in a sound, meaningless attitude.

This is true …

Gu Xiaochen shouted, and it was difficult to tell, but still said, “Now that Zhou has paid off the loan … Then …” She paused and found it really difficult to finish these words. Why not tell me … “

” You don’t know it now. “He took a cigarette and put it on his lips to light it.

“But …” Gu Xiaochen was a little flustered, her eyes stared at him, and said

hardly , “But the contract has expired.” Wu Helian vomited smoke, the white smoke made the sight slightly dim, and her fair-skinned beauty seemed illusory. , Far away.

Holding a cigarette in his fingers, he said indifferently , “It is indeed due.” “You …” Gu Xiaochen frowned, but did not understand him. “But did you say that as long as Zhou’s loan is repaid, the contract will end?” ? “

” I did say that. “Wuhe Lian and smoked a cigarette.

Breathing, suddenly a little quick.

Gu Xiaochen felt that his heart was all in his palm, and she would long for it, eager to hear something. After stalemate for a long time, he spoke quietly, and his words pierced her like a sharp blade. “I thought it would be over when I came back from the vacation.”

Buzz, something seemed to be sounding in his ear.

Gu Xiaochen opened his eyes, his indifferent handsome face was fixed in the bottom of his eyes, but only the cold bones invaded.

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