Chapter 57: Orange Cheek Powder

Gu Xiaochen who rushed to the company endured the foot pain and finished the daily necessary affairs. Then I went to the group studio and watched the group progress. Nothing went wrong. She punched a cup of coffee and knocked on the door to walk into the vice president’s office. In the office, Wu Haoyang had just arrived and was taking off his blazer to the side.

“Vice President, Hua Yu’s initial manuscript can be finalized tomorrow.” Gu Xiaochen walked up to him and stopped. He lowered the coffee and returned softly.

Wu Haoyang took a sip of coffee and casually responded.

He looked up at her, her face was too pale and a bit harsh, he said in a deep voice, “Even if you are stimulated, you don’t need to sleep for so many days. A face is as white as a dead person.”

Gu Xiaochen heard Wu Haoyang say , Naturally know that he refers to Wu Helian.

But in Wu Haoyang’s heart, she might have been identified as the person Wu Helian sent to monitor him.

But what does it matter. never mind.

Gu Xiaochen smiled faintly and said softly, “I will remember talcum powder in the future. The vice president is right. If you are young, you have to dress more and maybe get married. I don’t want to be alone all my life. Vice president. “” She finished, holding the document and turned away.

However, Wu Haoyang was surprised, his face stunned.

A rigid secretary who never refutes or loves to dress up, would you say something like this today?

With the cup of fragrant coffee in his hand, Wu Haoyang converged with a stunned expression and suddenly laughed. There was a little appreciation in that smile, more like a sigh of relief.

The sky of the French windows is so blue.

Gu Xiaochen returned to her office and closed the door with her backhand. She sat down on the chair. Just take out the blush powder rarely used from the shoulder bag, that is orange pink blush. She picked up the powder brush and applied light blusher powder to her cheeks in the mirror.

Orange pink, not too rosy, looks natural.

But suddenly thought that he once said those words-very suitable for you.

Gu Xiaochen changed his hand and threw the powder box into the trash can, and decided to choose a new color. After calming down, she took out her mobile phone and looked for Xu Zhiming’s number in the received phone number directory.

The dial key was pressed.

When the phone was connected, Xu Zhiming said hello in

a deep voice , “Miss Gu.” “Mr. Xu, are you free at noon today. I want to invite you to have a cup of coffee.” Gu Xiaochen held the phone and did not directly express his confusion.

Xu Zhiming agreed without hesitation.

The location is set at a cafe near Wu’s company, the one I visited last night.

Hang up the phone, Gu Xiaochen quietly put away the phone to continue working. Fingers hit the keyboard, but his eyes involuntarily glanced at the trash can.

The orange-pink powder box was quietly discarded.

At noon, Gu Xiaochen went to the cafe to make an appointment.

She arrived before Xu Zhiming and chose a quiet position by the window to sit down. Since this is an office building, most of the customers are white-collar workers and employees in the company. Therefore, the lunch break starts until two o’clock in the afternoon. During this time, many people will come to the cafe to relax.

Gu Xiaochen ordered a cup of coffee and waited quietly.

But how long did Xu Zhiming finally come.

Gu Xiaochen waved at him, Xu Zhiming saw her and immediately walked towards her. He sat down on the sofa opposite her, and the waiter stepped forward to greet him. After

ordering coffee, he smiled apologetically, “Miss Gu, I’m sorry to keep you waiting for a long time.” “No. I’m just here too.” Gu Xiaochen said.

The waitress brought the coffee, “Sir, your coffee.”

Xu Zhiming’s eyes stayed on Gu Xiaochen’s face from beginning to end, Shen Sheng asked, “Miss Gu, do you still like that gift.”

“I was just for that gift, so I asked Mr. Xu to come out.” Hearing him, Gu Xiaochen directly stated the purpose. She took the velvet box from her shoulder bag and put it in front of him. “I’m really sorry, Mr. Xu, I can’t take this gift.”

“Don’t like rubies?” Xu Zhiming was taken aback, his eyes narrowed slightly. “What does Miss Gu like?” Gu

Xiaochen shook his head and said calmly, “I don’t like those things.”

Xu Zhiming stared at her for a long while, and there was a light in his eyes, and suddenly he narrowed his eyes and said Xu, ” Miss Gu. Actually, I really like girls like you. Very few girls are not impressed by matter now. You are special. ”He said, reaching over her hand,“ Why not … you come to me Follow me. “

Gu Xiaochen frowned and hurriedly withdrew his hand.” Mr. Xu. I’m nothing special. If you are for Huayu’s oil case, then I can tell you clearly that I will not betray Wu. It’s not me It ’s just a matter of principle to help who. ”

“ You make a price. How much do you want. ”Xu Zhiming saw that he could n’t please and simply spread his purpose.

Gu Xiaochen pursed his lips and said nothing, smiling right.

Xu Zhiming thought she was deliberately arranging, and said, “One million, you sold me Wu’s internal data, including the final copy of the oil case. How about it.”

“One million.” Gu Xiaochen read the pen The number of money, said with a smile, “It’s really a lot. Maybe I can’t make that much money in my life.”

“Ms. Gu is also a smart person, don’t let the money go.” Xu Zhiming was full of confidence, thinking She will definitely agree.

Gu Xiaochen lowered his head, as if thinking.

After a while, Gu Xiaochen raised his head and smiled at Xu Zhiming.

Xu Zhiming thought that there was a play, but couldn’t help but feel a little proud.

Gu Xiaochen calmly finished the cup of coffee in front of him, and then took out a large bill from the satchel. “Mr. Xu, I invited today. However, I think Mr. Xu and I have great ideas It ’s different. So I ca n’t be a friend. I do n’t need to contact anymore. ”

She finished the words one by one and stood up in Xu Zhiming’s surprised eyes.

Gu Xiaochen took a stride and walked without looking back, holding his head high.

The fresh air outside the cafe raised her mouth.

Xu Zhiming, who was sitting on the second floor of the cafe, looked at Gu Xiaochen’s departure, and his expression clouded.

He was playing with the velvet box in his hand, thinking for a moment. He took out his phone again and dialed another person’s number. The phone rang a few times, is turned up, he smiled and said, “Miss Shen, I happened to be in the vicinity of Wood’s cafe company, would like to invite Ms. Shen out for coffee. I do not know you free.”

“Coincidence ? I happen to be out to buy coffee too. Where are you. “Shen Ruo asked in surprise over the phone.

“I was in that cafe yesterday.” Xu Zhiming said the place, and Shen Ruo thought without answer.

Hanging up the phone, Xu Zhiming squeezed the velvet box tightly, thinking that he couldn’t get a bamboo basket. Otherwise, it is a waste of energy. If you can’t get one, you will always get the other.

After about ten minutes, Shen Ruoliang’s figure flashed on the stairs of the second floor.

Xu Zhiming got up and greeted him, very gentleman, “Miss Shen, here.”

“Mr. Xu, I can only sit for a while. Not too long.” After the two sat down, Shen Ruo smiled at him.

The waitress had coffee and Xu Zhiming said, “It doesn’t matter, work is important. This is coffee for you. Cappuccino, many girls like it. I think you should like it too.”

“Thank you.” Shen Ruo for him Felt intimate, and slowly picked up a spoon to turn the coffee.

“Miss Shen …” Xu Zhiming suddenly whispered, Shen Ruo raised his head and looked at him. But suddenly a red velvet box flashed in front of him, and he opened it. Inside is a ruby ​​ring, very beautiful and exquisite, you can see the price is expensive at a glance.

“This …” Shen Ruo looked at the ruby ​​ring and couldn’t help being confused.

Xu Zhiming put the velvet box in front of her and said frankly, “The company just picked up a jewelry store’s plan, which was sent by the partner. I think this gem ring will be very good on your finger, no I know if you can accept it. “

” No, no, it’s too expensive. “Shen Ruo repeatedly refused.

“Accept it, no one wants it anymore. It’s pitiful.” Xu Zhiming said softly and quipped.

“Mr. Xu can give it to his girlfriend.”

“I don’t have a girlfriend.”

“But …”

“Accept it. Just a ring. If you don’t accept it, then I have to throw it here, and then go away.” Of course. “Xu Zhiming said sincerely.

After a stalemate, Shen Ruo accepted, “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome, you solved the trouble for me.” Xu Zhiming said with a smile and took a sip of coffee. Seeing her pick up the ring and look closely, he chatted with her casually. Talking and chatting, suddenly asked, “What department is Miss Shen in Wu Shi.”

“I’m in the planning department.”

“Then you must also be valued by the company.” He continued to ask.

“Am I? Okay.” Shen Ruo took the ring out and tried it on his hand. “We, Wu, there should be three girls who are most valued.”

Xu Zhiming’s eyes narrowed and he doubted “Oh “Sound.”

“One is manager Yao of the company’s investment department. Not only is he strong, but also heard that he and the president are good friends when he was in junior high school. The other one you know is Xiao Chen.”

“The other one must be you.” Xu Zhiming said .

“How come.” Shen Ruo whispered, “She is our president’s secretary Xia Yuan.”

“General Secretary He?” Xu Zhiming took a sip of coffee, and a deep look floated in his eyes.

“Who knows what the relationship is.” Shen Ruo shrugged and casually pointed at him wearing a jewel ring. “Is it good-looking.”

“Good-looking.” Xu Zhiming praised, but silently changed the name of the man in his heart. take note of it.

Xia Yuan? Maybe it was a breakthrough.

that night, a restaurant in Hong Kong.

In the restaurant’s private room, a man with a flat head smoked a cigarette waiting for someone to come. The door of the private room was lightly knocked, and a cold and gorgeous woman came in. She has long hair and a black coat, and she wears a scarlet rose silk scarf around her neck. Such a cold woman will make a man instantly stunning.

“Miss Xia. Please sit down.” The man smothered the smoke and smiled and got up to invite her to sit.

The door of the private room was taken from the outside by the waiter, and Xia Yuan looked at the strange man in front of him cautiously. She didn’t plan to stay longer, and after sitting down, she said directly, “I don’t know what Mr. Xu asked me for. If you have anything, please speak quickly. Because I don’t have much time.”

“Miss Xia, don’t be so anxious. Since I invite you out, That must be a good thing. “Xu Zhiming said calmly.

Xia Yuan looked at him calmly and said with a condensed voice, “What good would the manager of Shanda Company find me.”

“Of course there is. A chance to make money.” Xu Zhiming lowered his voice and said quietly.

Xia Yuan laughed softly, and said coldly, “Mr. Xu’s profit-making opportunity would not be for me to sell you information.”

“It’s not tiring to talk to smart people.” Xu Zhiming clapped his hands with that face. Gloomy, “If you can get Wu’s internal information and the initial copy of the oil case, then I guarantee you can not only stay in Wu’s, but also make a lot of money by taking the opportunity. People live in this world. No matter what, it ’s just a word of money. “

Under the lights, Xia Yuan’s Li Rong vaguely blurred. Too many thoughts flashed in an instant, and finally turned into a thought. She raised her eyebrows and asked with some unbelief, “Mr. Xu has any way to make me get money and keep me in Wu.”

“You do what I do, fish and bear paw must be Two wins. Just find a substitute for the dead ghost … “Xu Zhiming moved closer and the male voice echoed in the private room.

After some negotiations, Xia Yuan was silent.

Xu Zhiming smiled sensibly and urged to ask, “Miss Xia, this is a beautiful thing that kills two birds with one stone.”

Xia Yuan hesitated for a long time and finally nodded.

“Okay. Then we are partners now.” Xu Zhiming reached out to her, but Xia Yuan dismissed it, and got up and said coldly, “I will contact you when the time comes. Don’t look for me again until then.”

Going to work and off work, Gu Xiaochen lived a life of two points and one line.

She did not know on what day such a day would suddenly end, but she was preparing. Prepare to retreat all over the body, completely and cleanly. Just like her belief, there is less regret, and everything strives to be the best. When you think about it, you won’t regret it.

The wound on the foot that was pierced with glass was nothing better.

When she was too busy to go to the hospital, she wiped it with some red medicine, thinking it would be fine for a few days. But after several days in a row, the swelling did not disappear, but the wound became more and more painful.

Wednesday’s group meeting on finalizing the first draft of Huayu’s oil case. All the members of the group gathered in the studio to start fierce discussions and disputes. For each link, discuss and discuss again, specific and specific, every detail has not been let go, in order to achieve the most perfect result and successfully win the oil case.

Wu Haoyang sat in the main seat, and Gu Xiaochen sat beside him.

Gu Xiaochen changed roles and asked questions about copywriting from Huayu’s standpoint. The members of the group answered one by one, and found many deficiencies and improved them.

Wu Haoyang played around with the carbon pen in his hand, as if listening, but also as impatient, always saying nothing.

After more than two hours, the final negotiation result finally appeared.

Wu Haoyang, who had been silent, spoke slowly and said lightly, “Then let’s get together.”

Wu Haoyang stood up and walked out of the studio.

The door was taken away by hand and did not close completely.

Only everyone was left, and the enthusiasm dissipated at once, and I was disappointed.

The atmosphere was stalemate. Gu Xiaochen saw the people’s expression quite verbally. She wanted to stabilize the situation and thought secretly.

After a while, she spoke calmly.

“Everyone is an excellent employee of Wu. I think everyone knows that the growth of a company requires not only leaders, but also a cooperative and capable subordinate. This project is different from the past. For Wu, it is possible It is a new starting point. Standing at this starting point, everyone selected is the elite of the elite. “

” So Master Lian and Vice President can trust us in this way and leave everything to us. “

” I believe “” Gu Xiaochen paused, showing a warm and indifferent smile, and said lightly and forcefully, “We are the strongest.”

While outside the work room, there was a tall and tall figure standing still, and happened to hear Fang Cai’s words.

Sunlight spilled into the window and shone on everyone’s face.

That kind of light, as if shining into people’s hearts, suddenly became motivated.

“Secretary Gu please rest assured that we will not disappoint Master Lian and the vice president.”

“Yes!” Everyone shouted.

“Everyone has worked hard!” Gu Xiaochen sighed with relief, and then walked out of the studio with a smile.

As soon as the door opened, Gu Xiaochen looked up and saw the tall figure standing outside the door. The depressed image was a high wall, which made her breathless. Wu Helian’s face was cold and solemn, the sculpture was perfect, and she didn’t have the slightest expression. Only a trace of deepness in the eyes flashed quickly, quickly disappeared, and the momentum radiating from the whole body was indifferent.

Gu Xiaochen turned sideways and gave his head, shouting, “Master Lian.”

“Master Lian!” The team immediately shouted in unison, everyone respected.

Wu Helian entered the studio calmly, and behind him was Secretary Xia Yuan. Gu Xiaochen stood on the spot, thinking that he suddenly spot-checked and inspected. She bowed her head from beginning to end, she heard his voice, so long gone, today after that day, it seems to come from far and near, wrap around her ears.

“Everyone has worked hard. I have been convinced that you will not let me down for nearly half a month of hard work. Huayu’s project, like the vice president, I look forward to seeing everyone’s achievements.” Wu Helian’s eyes swept over everyone present Staff.

Gu Xiaochen raised his head and saw the expression on everyone’s face, all the previous hesitation was gone.

And the man with a hot halo like the sun, he stood in front of her obliquely, calmly and calmly, the handsome side face was at a moment of trance, which made her have an illusion, an illusion that her heart was throbbing. She clenched her lips, sinking the beating heart.

Gu Xiaochen, what are you thinking about. She frowned annoyedly, and immediately set aside her thoughts.

“Master Lian walks slowly!” Everyone saw Wu Helian turned and shouted in unison.

Gu Xiaochen was stunned. With her head down, she watched his shoes flash by in front of him, and he passed slowly by her side. It wasn’t until the footsteps went away that she looked up and took the document to the vice president’s office. The door knocked and Wu Haoyang answered inside.

Gu Xiaochen walked in and said softly, “Vice President, we will finalize it by next Wednesday, and we can go to Huayu Company on time on Thursday

.” “Got it.” Wu Haoyang was obviously out of state, and he was more perfunctory about who he was.

There was even some anger. When they were busy, the leader of the project did not feel a sense of urgency at all, or even so indifferent attitude.

Gu Xiaochen clenched the document in her hand, and the female voice made a few points, “At that time, the vice president should be appointed by the general manager. The vice president has this ability, and I know it clearly. But why did the vice president treat it like this! Is this right? Vice President is not important at all! “

Xu is too angry, Gu Xiaochen’s white face flushed.

Wu Haoyang’s slack eyes met her, and finally he focused. “The person who should be under Huayu Engineering is me, even if I fail. It’s my business if you fail. Are you worried about me, or is it not

easy to communicate to whom?” Gu Xiaochen was shocked again. , The office door was knocked again.

Not waiting for Wu Haoyang to respond, the door was opened by someone, it was Xia Yuan, “Vice President.”

Wu Helian’s tall figure blocked the door.

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