Chapter 52: Has anyone said

He lowered his head and kissed

lightly and urgently along her collarbone. The male voice was hoarse and low. “Did anyone say that your eyes are beautiful.” Wu Xiaolian’s words made Gu Xiaochenyi Startled, Gu Qing suddenly thought of.

She can also remember Gu Qing holding her words so clearly.

He said Chen Chen’s eyes were so beautiful.

Gu Xiaochen returned to his mind in a trance, and his anxious eyes met him, and the dark and deep eyes were directed at her eyes like an arrow, like a peeping heart. But her lips were silent, she stubbornly chose not to answer this question, and did not want others to walk into her heart.

His eyes tightened, and there was a little haze under his eyes.

Wu Helian was also silent, her gentle behavior suddenly became a little rough. She couldn’t help moaning, he bit her lip and ordered, “Shout my name.”

“Ahe …” With an uncontrollable gasp, Gu Xiaochen underwent him after him. Offensive. Until he slammed her hard, he felt a warm current pour into her body. He vomited thickly in her ears, sweat stained all over, and he could not tell who was who.

In the silent bedroom, you can hear a strong heartbeat.

The head was empty to a blank, and gradually regained consciousness.

Gu Xiaochen’s eyes are no longer empty, his cheeks are flushed with joy, and he is still pressing on her, so real. Wu Helian childishly rubbed her head in her ears, as if looking for a comfortable posture, then she said quietly, “What kind of soup is cooking today, so fragrant.”

“My soup!” Asked, Gu Xiaochen exclaimed and hurriedly got out from under him.

As she muttered, she hurriedly picked up her pajamas and did not forget to grab the glasses and put them on first. Not even wearing slippers, she rushed out of the bedroom in a panic, but a dim light emerged from the crack of the door when she opened the door, and Wu Helian watched her thin and thin figure disappear in front of her eyes.

After taking a shower, he also changed his bathrobe and walked to the living room with a cigarette.

Gu Xiaochen was busy in the kitchen, his hair laid loose, and there was a touch of gentleness in Yong Lao. From time to time, she turned to hold things, and after a while, she turned the dishes toward the table. He was still

wearing an apron and turned his head to whisper softly, “Ahe, have a meal.” Wu Helian extinguished the cigarette and got up and walked to the table to sit down. She took the bowl down and went to get chopsticks again. And he narrowed his eyes, and saw sharply a red mark on her neck.

That was the trace he left after just loving.

Thinking of the question she didn’t answer directly, Wu Helian put a cigarette in her mouth and took a sip.

Is it Zhou Chengze?

Gu Xiaochen sat down opposite him and handed him the chopsticks with both hands.

Wu Helian silently, just about to reach out. But a ring of piano bells vaguely sounded, breaking this silence. Looking around, he looked at the satchel on the ground at once.

That is her shoulder bag.

The ringtone came from the shoulder bag, obviously the phone rang.

Who is calling?

Gu Xiaochen hurriedly placed chopsticks next to his bowl. She ran to the shoulder bag and grabbed her mobile phone. The bell was getting louder and louder, ding ding dong dong. Gu Xiaochen looked at the screen of the phone, and he was suffocated.

The string of numbers displayed on the screen came from Zhou Chengze.

How could he call her suddenly? Gu Xiaochen was puzzled.

In fact, she was not willing to answer his phone. Generally, he called, mostly related to Lin Fen. So she couldn’t help it.

But now … Gu Xiaochen holds the phone, but cares about Wu Helian in the restaurant. Should she pick it up? After thinking for a while, my heart was horizontal and I simply pressed the hang up button.

It can be said that Gu Xiaochen hung up Zhou Chengze’s phone for the first time.

In order to prevent Zhou Chengze from calling again, she deliberately tuned her mobile phone back to her shoulder bag and then walked back to the dining table. Sitting in the seat opposite him, he said with some restraint, “The salesman’s phone was answered before, so I still didn’t answer it.”

Just after the words, Gu Xiaochen angrily gritted his teeth.

What is the reason? He would believe it was strange.

Wu Helian was abnormally silent, but with a “grace” sound, it was not broken. He smothered the cigarette in the ashtray and began to eat.

It was just that the harmonious and warm atmosphere suddenly changed, and there was a trace of condensation.

After eating, Gu Xiaochen quietly packed up the dishes and washed the dishes. Wu Helian sat on the sofa watching TV and smoking alone. At nearly ten o’clock in the evening, Gu Xiaochen, who had finished bathing, walked out of the bathroom. She wiped her hair with a dry towel and looked up, only to see that a lot of cigarette butts had accumulated in the ashtray.

Why do you always smoke so much? She frowned thoughtfully.

Gu Xiaochen hung the towel around his neck and walked to the refrigerator to take out the pre-squeezed juice. After pouring a glass, he walked in front of Wu Helian and put it on the coffee table. “Drink some apple juice.”

Wu Helian glanced at her sideways, and she said softly, “I read it in the magazine. Juice seems to work. But I do n’t know if it ’s fake, but it ’s not harmful. This is what I squeezed when I woke up in the morning. ”

“ Then … I went to bed. Good night. ”Gu Xiaochen’s voice became softer and weaker , Lowered his head, turned and walked into the bedroom.

The door was closed, and there was only the noise from the TV in the apartment.

Wu Helian looked at the financial report on TV and suddenly dropped her eyes, inadvertently glancing at the juice on the coffee table. It took him a long time to reach out and pick up the cup and put it in front of him. The cup shook slightly in the hand, and the reddish juice rippled along the wall of the cup.

The next day, less than seven in the morning, Gu Xiaochen woke up on time. Opening the bedroom door, she turned around and saw that the door of the next room was still closed.

The glass of juice on the coffee table was still full, as if I had never moved a sip.

The cigarette butts in the ashtray saw more than she saw last night.

Coming to the Wus company by bus, Gu Xiaochen walked forward step by step with his shoulder bag.

Suddenly, there was a clear cry from the man behind him, “Xiao Chen.”

Gu Xiaochen stopped suddenly and turned his head to look around, only to see Yan Xudong walking towards her head-on. He was in a smart suit and put one hand in his trousers pocket, so smart. Faced with the rising sun, a pair of eyes narrowed slightly, and his short black hair converged slowly.

In some cold early winter, his smile was like sunshine, and he shone at Gu Xiaochen.

“Mr. Yan.” Gu Xiaochen shouted with a smile when he came to her.

Yan Xudong is obviously not satisfied with this title, but he is also somewhat helpless. He stood in front of her and said with a deep voice, “I haven’t entered the company yet, and you and I are friends. Can you call me a manager?”

Gu Xiaochen was stunned, thinking of knowing for so long, and continuing to be rusty.

So she nodded.

But then the question came again, what should she call him?

Gu Xiaochen suddenly thought of Yan Xudong’s joke, he asked her to call him “Big Brother Yan”, but this title seemed too intimate.

She did not shout.

“I have called you Xiaochen, and you should also call my name directly.” Yan Xudong said nonchalantly, but his eyes flashed with the expected gaze, which was very sincere.

Gu Xiaochen stared at him, and finally said, “Xudong.”

Her call made Yan Xudong relieved, never happy and unprecedented. He raised his lips and his smile grew brighter. This is the first time since Gu Xiaochen and he knew him that he called his name, which made Yan Xudong feel very rare.

Three days before Christmas, Yan Xudong secretly remembered this day.

The two took their steps and walked towards the building together.

Yan Xudong looked at her sideways, her calm and indifferent face made him feel comfortable. He also noticed that she was wearing a thin turtleneck sweater today, covering all her neck.

Thinking that she was cold and uncomfortable, he asked with concern, “Why? It’s cold?” “No.” Gu Xiaochen shook his head awkwardly and his face was red, so he had to find a reason, “The throat is a little uncomfortable.”

Waking up in the morning to wash her face, she discovered that the traces of Wu Helian’s suction in her neck had not subsided, and she was still red. She had to take out the turtleneck sweater and put it on to cover the red mark. It’s just that in a warm office, such a dress will definitely attract attention.

Blame it all, don’t you blame someone?

Gu Xiaochen became more shy and lowered his head.

When Yan Xudong heard her say this, she believed it. The two entered the revolving door one after the other and stepped into the hall on the ground floor. Take the elevator upstairs and go to the respective office department.

He is outside the sea and she is in the investment department. Overseas Department is below the floor of the Investment Department.

The elevator stopped outside the sea. Before Yan Xudong walked out of the elevator, he turned his head suddenly, as if suddenly remembering something, and said apologetically, “Yes, I forgot to put your bento box at home. I will give it to you next time. “

It doesn’t matter. Anytime.” Gu Xiaochen shook his head.

“Okay, goodbye.”

“Goodbye.” The

elevator doors closed slowly, and Yan Xudong strode into the sea. His uncomfortable expression was obviously in a good mood, and all the employees noticed it.

“What’s wrong with manager?” Someone asked in a low voice, very confused.

“Beep–” The ringtone of the president’s office suddenly rang.

Wu Helian reached out and pressed the key, and heard the female voice of Secretary Xia on the other end of the phone, “Master Lian, at ten o’clock this morning, President Zhou’s Zhou made an appointment with you. He is now here.”

“Please come in.” Wu Helian said in a deep voice, and hung up the phone.

Xia Yuan received a call from the public relations lady at the lobby and turned to her superior. After receiving Wu Helian’s approval, she got up and walked out of the office to meet the elevator. Sure enough, the elevator is slowly rising to the top floor. At the moment when the elevator door opened, Xia Yuan showed a professional smile, “Mr. Zhou, please.”

Zhou Cheng Zeru Yaswen’s Junrong smiled lightly, rusty and polite, but did not make people feel uncomfortable. As if he should have smiled like that, without being half-obtrusive. Xia Yuan pushed open the door, Zhou Chengze walked into the office alone, and the subordinates were waiting outside.

Xia Yuan nodded to Wu Helian, took the door with her backhand, and stepped back.

“Sit.” Wu Helian spit out a word and watched the person quietly.

Zhou Chengze walked down to the chair opposite the desk and sat down. His left leg overlapped his right leg. His posture was chic and he didn’t have a sense of restraint.

In the silent office, Zhou Chengze’s leisurely deep male voice sounded.

Wu Helian looked at each other silently and listened quietly to his intention to come. After Zhou Chengze closed his voice, he spoke quietly, “I’m very happy to cooperate with President Zhou. If there is a chance next time.”

“You’re welcome, President He. Thank you.” Zhou Chengze stood up and reached out to reach him. , “Then I won’t bother, leave.”

Wu Helian also stood up, shook hands with him, and pressed the straight line phone, “Secretary Xia, sent to President Zhou.”


The next time after the call was hung up Second, Secretary Xia knocked on the door and smiled, “Mr. Zhou, I will send you.”

Zhou Chengze nodded slightly towards Wu Helian, “Goodbye.”


Zhou Chengze was led by Secretary Xia out of the office, but Wu Helian was in deep contemplation. . He took out the cigarette and lit it, his head sullen.

The smoke burned faintly between the fingers, emitting white smoke.

He suddenly picked up the train model on the table and took a close look at it. The expression looks thoughtful as if thinking about something. After a long while, I just put down the model and turned my head to the official document.

Xia Yuan sent Zhou Chengze downstairs and stopped at the revolving door. “Mr. Zhou, please walk slowly.”

Zhou Chengze’s figure entered the revolving door with his subordinates. As he walked to the parked car not far away, he took out his mobile phone and pressed the phone.

That is a very skilled movement.

The phone screen shows as-Gu Xiaochen.


At this time, Gu Xiaochen was dealing with Huayu’s copywriting in his office, and was very busy. The phone in the drawer sounded at this time, accompanied by vibration. Generally speaking, this time it is not right to call someone. She couldn’t help but frown, thinking about who it might be.

Pulling open the drawer, slowly looked down.

She saw the number that made her unforgettable and flashed on the phone screen.

The owner of the number, Zhou Chengze.

Holding a cell phone, Gu Xiaochen thought of the call that was hung up by her yesterday. After hesitating, he picked up the phone and placed it in his ear, “Hey” softly.

“Busy?” Zhou Chengze’s indifferent male voice came to his ears, the same low, Gu Xiaochen just thought that another person’s voice was so nice.

At least, it won’t make her feel so upset.

“Is there something?” Gu Xiaochen didn’t answer him, but asked softly.

Zhou Chengze was obviously used to her indifference, calmly said, “I am not far from your company downstairs, some things want to talk to you. You come down now.”

“Mr. Zhou, I am working.” Gu Xiaochen intuitively rejected He commanded a tone of voice, that kind of despised attitude. This will make her think of things that she used to have, and that she would not want to think about in her life. But she always entangled her and refused to let her go.

Sure enough, Zhou Chengze still said that, “About Aunt Fen.”

“What’s the matter, say it on the phone …” She still has the same attitude, speaking the same words.

The Guxiao Chen’s words to half of the city was Zhou Ze went interrupted, male overshadowed her, “I’ll wait for you.”

“Hello?” Carter, direct phone was hung up, Guxiao Chen blind holding the phone heard a sound. Sitting in a chair and thinking about it, she stood up daringly and walked out of the office.

It was nearly eleven o’clock in the afternoon and the temperature was not as cold as in the morning.

Just getting used to the heating in the office, when walking out of the building, Gu Xiaochen couldn’t help but tremble. She even forgot to put on her coat and walked out wearing a black turtleneck. Looking around, I saw the black car parked not far away.

The window slowly fell, and Zhou Chengze sat in the car and looked at her.

Gu Xiaochen took his steps and walked towards him. But she didn’t get in the car, and her thin figure stood even more gloomy in the wind.

“Get in the car.” Zhou Chengze frowned, silver-rimmed glasses refracted light.

Gu Xiaochen was originally unwilling to get on the train, but thought it was too close to Wu’s. She was afraid of hitting someone, which was really unclear. He had to bypass the body and sit in the car. The heating in the car made her relax, but a small face was reddish.

“How to wear so little.” Zhou Chengze looked at her sideways, Shen Sheng said.

Gu Xiaochen ignored his concern and asked directly, “Mr. Zhou, can I say the business is right? I have to go back to work. I can’t come out for too long.”

Zhou Chengze said quietly, “Aunt Fen on Saturday Will go to the cemetery. “

Gu Xiaochen’s indifferent expression showed a hint of surprise, and the tone was hard to hide.” What time? “

” One afternoon. “Zhou Chengze said.

Gu Xiaochen whispered, “I know. Thank you Mr. Zhou for telling me. Goodbye.”

Her hand had already grasped the door handle of the car, and even opened the car door, but Zhou Chengze spoke to her, “Gu Xiaochen.”

“Is there anything else?” She looked back at him.

“Put on more clothes.” Zhou Chengze’s expression was calm and unfamiliar, extremely strange, but also a little strange.

The cold wind blew, making Gu Xiaochen more sober.

She pursed her lips and got out of the car without a word.

Zhou Chengze, who was sitting in the car, watched her step away quietly, withdrew his eyes, and Shen Sheng ordered, “Drive!”

“Secretary Xia, assign these documents to the managers of various departments.” After finishing the document, Shen Sheng said.

“Yes.” Xia Yuan got up and walked towards him, reaching for the documents on the desk. But the high heels suddenly turned her feet and let her lean forward. Xia Yuan’s face changed slightly and she whispered, but someone stretched out her hand in time and hurriedly supported her. The impact was too violent, and she planted his head into his chest.

Her lips brushed his shirt, leaving a faint pink lip mark.

“I’m sorry, Master Lian.” Xia Yuan apologized embarrassingly, but didn’t get up immediately, but greedily lay in his arms, and the throbbing circled up.

Wu Helian’s silent and handsome look, “How about your feet.”

“It’s okay …” Xia Yuan spoke carefully, even breathing slightly. She hesitated to withdraw from his chest, and also to where she should be, silently picked up the file on the desk, “Master Lian, then I’m out.”

Xia Yuan, who left the president’s office, her heart beat fast, cold Li Rong Fu lifted a blush.

Packing her emotions, she took the document and went to various departments to hand it over.

Since the investment department is the closest department, Xia Yuan first came to the investment department. Knocked on the door of the secretary’s room, she opened the door, “Secretary Gu, this is the document handed over to the vice president. Please accept your confirmation.”

“Okay.” Gu Xiaochen raised the answer and stood up together.

Gu Xiaochen received the document, looked at Xia Yuan, but found that her lipstick was a little bit spent, kindly reminded, “Secretary Xia, your lipstick …”

Xia Yuan pursed her lips and said calmly, “I know. Thank you. “

Gu Xiaochen watched her leave and didn’t pay much attention.”

But that night, when Gu Xiaochen returned to the apartment and arranged for Wu Helian to change his clothes, he found a trace on the neckline of his shirt.

The scarlet lip marks pierced into the eyes at once.

The place in his neck that he sucked in suddenly burst into heat.

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