Chapter 51: Competitor Shanda

Wu Haoyang and Gu Xiaochen stood one after the other and saw representatives of several competitors gathered in the conference hall.

The delegates were sitting around the oval conference table. They were talking about each other, but they stopped because the door of the conference hall was suddenly opened. At the same time, everyone looked slowly and recognized Wu Haoyang and his party. The companies present at the scene, except for the representative of Wu Shi Company, had not yet arrived, and the rest of them had arrived early. Obviously, they did not dare to neglect.

Wu Haoyang walked quietly towards the empty seat, and Gu Xiaochen silently followed.

“Please wait a moment, everyone.” After the party finally took place, the PR lady smiled and nodded at the crowd, then stepped back.

All of a sudden, there was only a group of competitors in the conference hall who had met the enemy and were jealous.

Gu Xiaochen turned his head to the two assistants and said a few words, withdrawing his gaze, his eyes calmly facing the people on the conference table. This is not the first time she has attended the meeting on the cooperation case, but this time the atmosphere is too dignified, making her feel more threatened and urgency, holding the hand of the document, and using her fingers slightly.

“What’s nervous.” Wu Haoyang didn’t let her subtle movements, whispered, “Just come to play.”

Gu Xiaochen immediately frowned, not daring to agree.

How can it be used to play! What a great cooperation case this is!

“This must be Wu’s Vice President Yang! Long-cherished name! I’m Xu Zhiming, the responsible representative of Shanda Company. It’s great to see Vice President Yang!” . He straightened his head, dressed smartly and neatly, and at first glance he was very smart.

Wu Haoyang slowly raised his head and looked lazily at the man who actively spoke across.

The opponent’s hand was still in midair, but he didn’t reach for it. The expression was full of disdain and carelessness, and he didn’t take the other party’s eyes at all.

Wu Haoyang spoke in a hurry, and he sighed “Oh”.

The atmosphere suddenly froze to a freezing point, the smile on Xu Zhiming’s face disappeared, and there was a hint of haze in his eyes.

At this time, someone suddenly stood up from the chair.

“Representative Xu, I am Gu Xiaochen, the secretary of the vice president. I am very happy to meet you.” Gu Xiaochen held out Xu Zhiming’s hand and said with a smile.

Gu Xiaochen’s opening obviously gave Xu Zhiming a step down.

Xu Zhiming is also a person of interest. He hurried down the steps and behaved very generously. He said frankly, “Although everyone here today is a competitor, there is always a meeting. Everyone competes fairly and can become friends afterwards. “

Deputy Xu said yes.” Gu Xiaochen raised his lips and calmly talked to him.

The two withdrew their hands and sat down.

Xu Zhiming’s eyes were too scorching, and he focused directly on Gu Xiaochen.

Gu Xiaochen was bored by his attention, but still kept a calm smile. She thought of Yan Xudong’s words on the phone that day, and the people of Shanda Company needed to pay attention.

“Crack–” The door of the conference hall was pushed open.

Mr. Guo Lao, the president of Huayu, walked in calmly surrounded by several assistants. Everyone got up one after another, and Gu Xiaochen also stood up, but did not forget to drag Wu Haoyang. Wu Haoyang didn’t want to get up, but after seeing Gu Xiaochen’s intense attention, how could he stand up involuntarily.

Damn it. Wu Haoyang whispered secretly in his heart.

“Good afternoon , President

Guo .” “Good morning , Guo.”

Everyone greeted warmly, but Wu Haoyang’s usual Diao Erlang didn’t care. The representatives of several companies gathered in the conference hall, so this President Guo obviously did not pay much attention. He reached out and patted down, motioning for everyone to sit down, and he also sat down.

“This time I brought representatives from several companies together, mainly because I wanted to meet you first. Of course, I also want to know how much the companies they belong to know about the oil industry.” Mr. Guo’s words made Wu Haoyang cry out Humph.

Gu Xiaochen frowned and sighed, having a headache for his temper.

Everyone was surprised and surprised. Only Wu Haoyang didn’t give Xu Zhiming a face, but he didn’t expect that he didn’t even give Guo Guo’s face.

Kwok turned around to look Wuhao Yang, Chen Sheng said, “the representative seems to have a different opinion?”

Everyone’s attention again toward the Wuhao Yang, in which its own spectacular, but also to see how he’s predicament.

Gu Xiaochen suddenly muffled, quickly organized speech in his mind, thinking about how to deal with it. It’s just that the time is too hasty, and only a few seconds to think. When she was about to speak, a low and proud male voice came from her ear, so familiar, but not so familiar.

“Mr. Guo, let me introduce myself first. I am Wu Wuyang, the representative of Wu Family. Ming people do n’t tell secret words. This is our first contact with the oil industry. Compared with the people present, my experience is definitely insufficient. There is not much interest in the industry. So if

President Guo wants to talk, then I ’ m afraid I wo n’t speculate. ” Wu Haoyang told quietly, but Gu Xiaochen was shocked.

God, what did he say?

“But …” Wu Haoyang paused, sold a pass, and said, “I think President Guo must also understand us Wu. The investment required for this cooperation case is not just a company. Affordable. And we, Wu, occupy the forefront of Hong Kong’s financial industry. “

” If you don’t understand it, you can cultivate it later, mainly to complete this mining plan 100%. The businessmen don’t care about the process, only the results. Is not it? . “

Wu Haoyang looked up and gave the question back to the other party.

With such a perfect gesture, he successfully responded to Ruliu.

Wu Haoyang’s outstanding performance shocked everyone present, including Gu Xiaochen, of course. He looked at General Guo and raised his mouth. That expression is calm and calm, and is a gesture that does not panic when something happens, enough for people to take care of their tasks without worrying about it.

President Guo pondered, and said calmly, “I am waiting for Wu’s copywriting plan.” As

soon as this remark came out, the representatives of several other companies were embarrassed, and naturally, Wu was listed as a strong enemy.

Gu Xiaochen was so surprised that she couldn’t herself. She stared at Wu Haoyang in a daze, her eyes full of confusion and surprise. And Wu Haoyang just smiled at her sideways, and he has recovered his usual cynicism. Gu Xiaochen couldn’t help but be confused. In this way, he, contrary to his previous attitude, was so calm and sophisticated that it was almost like two people.

Suddenly there was a thought that made her panic.

Was he actually always capable?

But there is no intention at all?

But why? There seems to be no reason. He is the three young masters of the Wu family, and the Wu family is a family business. There is no reason why he should not seriously exert his abilities and talents.

Gu Xiaochen fell into contemplation, and for Wu Haoyang, she was never surprised.

And she also realized that Wu Haoyang, like another person, was so unfathomable.

That man … his brother Wu Helian.

At the other end of the conference table, Xu Zhiming, a representative of Shanda, looked at Wu Haoyang and Gu Xiaochen from time to time. His hands were randomly folded on his chest, and his fingers were placed on his arms for a moment.

“Okay, if there are no problems, I will be here today.” The negotiation lasted for nearly an hour, and President Guo looked at everyone and said with a deep voice.

Everyone did not have any objections. President Guo said again, “Mr. Wu, please stay.”

President Guo’s meaning was obvious. Representatives of several companies immediately got up and walked out of the conference hall. Gu Xiaochen looked at Wu Haoyang and whispered sideways, “Vice President, I’m waiting for you outside.”

Wu Haoyang nodded slightly, and Gu Xiaochen smiled at President Guo and left.

Outside the conference hall, Gu Xiaochen asked the two subordinates to return to Wu Shi to hand over the key points of this negotiation, and let the copywriting team expel a more detailed and comprehensive plan as soon as possible. And she waited for Wu Haoyang herself.

At the end of the corridor, someone came out of the bathroom.

The man looked at the figure waiting outside the conference hall, a flash of light flashed in his eyes, like waiting for a long time. He took his steps and walked towards the figure.

“Miss Gu.” A shout came from behind, and Gu Xiaochen turned to look away.

I saw the thin man standing behind her, smiling at himself. Gu Xiaochen recognized him, wasn’t Xu Zhiming, the representative of Shanda Company? Although he did not want to have too much contact with this person, but out of courtesy, Gu Xiaochen greeted, “Representative Xu.”

“You are waiting for Vice President Yang.” Xu Zhiming smiled and glanced at the closed conference hall. .

Gu Xiaochen said “En”.

“Then I won’t bother.” Xu Zhiming said modestly, suddenly thinking of something, and took out a business card from the suit pocket and handed it to her, “This is my business card. I don’t know if I can exchange it with Miss Gu’s business card?”

” Of course, no problem. “Gu Xiaochen thought about it, and still took the business card, and at the same time took out his business card and handed it to him.

Xu Zhiming took the business card and put it in his pocket. “Goodbye.”


Xu Zhiming turned around and walked towards the other side of the corridor. Gu Xiaochen stood on the spot. As it happens, the door of the conference hall opened. Gu Xiaochen turned his head and saw that Wu Haoyang and President Guo had come out. The two seem to have a good conversation, as can be seen from the look.

Wu Haoyang walked past Gu Xiaochen and glanced at her, and Gu Xiaochen immediately followed him. The two went to the elevator and walked in. Wu Haoyang leaned on the elevator and glanced at her. Her eyes stayed in her hand. Fox asked, “What did you have in your hand.”

“Is this?” Gu Xiaochen raised the business card in his hand and said honestly, “Representative Shanda Business card. “

“That guy gave you a business card?” Wu Haoyang narrowed his eyes and took the business card directly from her hand to rub it into a ball. “That kind of guy, you don’t care.”

Gu Xiaochen smiled, “Yes.”

“What are you laughing at?” “Wu Haoyang asked irritably,” Don’t always be so smirking at everyone, and you don’t know if you are sold. A fool. “

” Well. I know. “Gu Xiaochen only felt that he was no longer so harsh.

When you think about it, Wu Haoyang is not so easy to get along with.

Gu Xiaochen looked at him silently, but Wu Haoyang’s face overlapped with another person in front of him, and it seemed faintly similar.

… A

tired day, dragged heavy steps back to Yinshen Mansion.

Taking out the key to open the door, Gu Xiaochen was used to the deserted apartment. But when she opened the door, she heard the noise of TV. The key hadn’t been pulled out yet, she stood outside the door and looked towards the living room. Wu Helian didn’t know when she came back and was sitting on the sofa in the living room watching TV.

There was another smell of smoke in the house, and he smoked fiercely.

But the smell of smoke made her feel nostalgic. At least, there was one more person in the apartment.

Standing at the entrance, Gu Xiaochen suddenly thought of something, frowned angrily, and shouted at him in the living room, “Master Lian, I’ll go to the supermarket to buy something. I’ll come back soon.” I ran out of the apartment and took the door.

Master Lotus? Wu Helian raised a smirk at the corner of her mouth, her eyes glowing.

She forgot to call it again. He wanted … to “punish” her fiercely.

Gu Xiaochen hurried to the supermarket, bought the ingredients and hurried back. Some breathless, she put the shoulder bag on the shoe cabinet at random, and then ran into the kitchen with two pockets of food. Washing and tying again, she put on her apron.

Wu Helian got up and walked towards her, hugging her from behind.

Gu Xiaochen was slightly stiff, his chin resting on her shoulder, and whispered, “I’m hungry.”

“I’ll cook immediately.” She said quickly.

He chuckled and kissed the skin of her neck deeply, spit out ambiguous words, “I want to eat you more.”

Uh? What did he say? Eat her?

Gu Xiaochen suddenly realized what he meant by “eating”, lowered his head, and his face turned red with little ambition. He still supported her chin, and with a slight look, she could see her pink face, and she couldn’t help but leaned towards her and kissed her gently.

“Why is my face so red …” Wu Helian teased and refused to let her go.

When he said this, her already red face suddenly rose even more red. She washed the vegetables in her hands negatively, trying to divert her attention, but he leaned closer to her ear and bit her The ears

whispered , “But … it’s so cute.” Gu Xiaochen’s hands and feet messed up, and even the ears were stolen.

“I … I …” She cheered a few times and found herself speechless.

He murmured “en” with a hot tongue sticking out and gently licking her neck. Gu Xiaochen’s body was tense, and it felt itchy and uncomfortable, which made her heart beat. She was a little anxious, and said twitchy, “I’m still cooking.”

She tried to lean forward, not wanting to get so close to him. The movements in the hand pretend to be very busy. But the vegetables in his hand were broken, which was already terrible.

“Don’t do this … I’m going to cook …” she shuddered.

“You cook yours, don’t care about me.” Wu Helian didn’t care, his bracelet was holding her and she had begun to unbutton her clothes.

God! How does he want her to cook?

His body burst into cold, and his hand even penetrated into her dress, and he opened his bra with his finger to caress.

“Lian …” Gu Xiaochen spoke sheepishly, and he bowed her face and kissed her. Such a domineering person, even his kisses are as domineering as he is, but with a faint smell of tobacco, easily occupying her. Her strong arms clasped her tightly, her tongue twitching and teasing in her mouth.

His vague male voice seemed to come from his body, “Call me anything.”

Gu Xiaochen realized that he was “punishing” her, and quickly changed his name, gasping and crying softly, “Ahe.”

“How always Not well-behaved. “Wu Helian seemed dissatisfied, but the expression had eased. Slender fingers teased the protrusions on her chest until they became swollen between fingers, he knew she had been provoked by him. He kissed her, inch by inch, and asked in

a huff , “Will you forget?” “No way …” Gu Xiaochen was a little uncomfortable, trying to get rid of, but found that his body seemed to have no strength, and no more.

“What’s calling me?”

“Ahha …”

“Shouting again.”


“Um—shouting again—” He encouraged her to continue, flexing her fingers the last few coats of her shirt. buckle.

“Ahe, Ahe, Ahe.” His kiss seemed like an ant crawling, making her unable to resist, so she shouted again and again.

His hands had unbuttoned the last button of the shirt, and he pulled her off the arm around her. He circled her in his arms, leaned over and kissed her deeply, her forehead, her eyebrows, the corners of her eyes, her nose … the thin lips pressed against her lips, and she pecked twice, spoiled Shouted, “Good girl.”

Because of his cry, this “good girl” made Gu Xiaochen suddenly sober.

She thought of what happened in the office today, and his wanton humiliation. Subconsciously, her lips

tightened, and her tone narrowed a little, and said hardly , “I really want to cook.” “Angry?” Wu Helian’s deep eyes looked at her, while she squinted and said nothing. . But the meaning is already obvious, her silence has everything.

After a moment of silence, Gu Xiaochen pouted and said, “No.”

How could she qualify to be angry.

“Hehe.” Wu Helian smiled, and felt very cute for her childish behavior. The shirt had fallen to his waist. He hugged her and said, “I knew you should have sent you directly in the office …” He whispered two words in her ear deliberately, “It’s like that.” You probably won’t be angry anymore.

Um ? ” ” I … I didn’t think so … “Gu Xiaochen almost bit his tongue.

“You didn’t think about it, but I think about it.” Wu Helian Jianmei raised her eyebrows and put her on the wrist directly. She was startled and whispered, and there was water dripping between her fingers.

“Hehe! I’m still praising soup!” Gu Xiaochen hurriedly shook his two thin legs.

There was still a fire on the stove in the kitchen, and the soup pot made a rustling sound, overflowing with a scent.

Wu Helian took her and walked to the bedroom, Gu Xiaochen struggled in his arms. The room with the curtains was a bit dark. He closed the door with his arms sideways, and walked to the bed, saying, “Feed me first, then my stomach.”

“But …” Gu Xiaochen just wanted to speak, but he put it On the bed. The shirt was half-faded to the waist, making it easier for him to get his hands on and off. She wanted to get up, but he was pressed by his body, and the cologne smell was so close.

“No, but.” His consistent domineering tone kept her from objecting.

In the dark, her glasses were taken off by him.

“Undress me. Be good.” He tempted her and grabbed her hand to reach the collar of his shirt.

Gu Xiaochen was dumbfounded, but he screamed, “Don’t forget that you’re still praising soup.”

Gu Xiaochen embarrassedly and started to untie his shirt. His kisses came from all over the sky, and she seemed to touch him with unprecedented carelessness. He unzipped the trousers and plunged into her in one fell swoop. She groaned and her body was still, seemingly suffering the sudden attack.

His chest squeezed her tightly, and her body swayed gently with him unconsciously, and a dizziness prevented her from breathing.

Suddenly, her eyes were in a trance, Wu Helian narrowed her eyes and vaguely saw her eyes, as beautiful as bright black gemstones.

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