Chapter 49: Her Fragrance

this day, Gu Xiaochen was busy collecting information. The task was in a hurry. In order not to affect the overall situation, she simply moved her work home. Sitting in the bus, she sat on the last seat with a shoulder bag and a thick file bag, and suddenly sighed silently.

She and he finally got along peacefully for some time, but after all, they still can’t avoid disputes.

Wu Helian has not returned in four days.

In fact, she should be happy, but it is easy. But the heart is slightly empty. This kind of hollow is like living in an apartment alone. Gu Xiaochen shook his head and chuckled. I’m afraid it’s too lonely. Can’t help but be confused, isn’t she already used to being lonely?

After Lin Fen married, she has learned to go home alone, watch TV alone, cook alone, and eat alone.

However, there is still some loss.

The chaotic thoughts are entangled with himself, and Gu Xiaochen is not allowed to think again.

With the key to open the door, there was no one in the apartment.

Gu Xiaochen turned on the light and put things on the table. She opened the refrigerator and took out the dishes that hadn’t been moved yesterday. A few days ago, she would cook for him every day. Forget it today. He won’t be back anyway.

Eat something casually, it solves the problem of dinner.

Gu Xiaochen packed up the table and continued to work while sitting in the dining room.

Time ticked by and she didn’t realize it.

Just hearing the sound of the door being stabbed in by the key, she was shocked and turned her head in panic. I saw Wu Helian walked in with cold air. Gu Xiaochen stood up hurriedly, a little overwhelmed, and said angrily, “I’ll cook soon.”

Obviously, what this means is that she didn’t cook.

“No need,” Wu Helian said coldly, his face calm and surprising.

Gu Xiaochen froze in place, “Oh” a cry.

Wu Helian entered the room silently, as if to get something. Then he hurried out, and when he passed the living room, he slowed down and turned his head to look at the documents on the table.

“The time for handing over the case with Huayu is a little tight. I’m afraid the schedule is too late, so …” Gu Xiaochen explained softly but was interrupted by him.

“You don’t need to explain it to me.” Wu Helian interrupted her coldly and said, “It’s your business.”

This is your business … He gave her back what she said .

Gu Xiaochen pursed his lips and stopped talking.

Wu Helian apparently came and went hurriedly, only to hear a click, the door closed, and he left again.

Gu Xiaochen stood silently for a while and sat down.

Large pieces of text on the materials were blurred in front of my eyes, and all of them suddenly disappeared.

the wind that roared past, the window rose by more than half.

Wu Helian drove around the street aimlessly in the car, frowning slightly, he took out his phone and pressed a number. The phone rang only twice and was immediately connected.

“Lian.” There was a soft female voice over the phone, mixed with a trace of surprise.

Wu Helian said in a deep voice, “Where are you, I’ll pick you up.”

“I’m at home.”

” Fiveteen minutes later.” He whispered, and stepped on the gas pedal while hanging up the phone.

Wu Helian drove to a villa area in Hong Kong. The car just stopped in front of one of the villas, and a woman came out of the villa.

Irene’s short hair is much longer than before and has reached her chest. She highlights her hair into maroon, lining her healthy skin, and the whole person looks more beautiful and moving. She wore a tight, narrow skirt, showing her perfect figure.

Irene carried the black patent leather shoulder bag and walked to his car. Since Jing opened the door, she stooped in and sat inside.

“Missing me?” Irene turned her head to look at him, squinting and smiling, just to take away the love.

She has always known the rules. When he is a woman of Wu Helian, she must know how to get together. He will not give any promises, nor will he be sincere to anyone, nor will he be affectionate. This indifferent and silent man has a special fatal charm that attracts her that way and makes her fall at first sight.

Can’t escape anymore.

Wu Helian raised her lips and echoed, “Yes, I miss you.”

His eyes were still deep, without any slight ups and downs. Irene saw it clearly, but didn’t care. She leaned close to him, soft lips kissed him passionately, and wrapped her arms around her neck and asked

coquettishly , “Where to go on vacation this time.” Wu Helian has a rule, as long as he takes the initiative to find her, he will usually take her Go abroad to relax.

She was the only woman among his lovers who made him look back again.

Irene felt complacent for this.

“No vacation recently.” Wu Helian kissed her lips, depicting her soft lips.

Irene couldn’t help but be surprised, not on vacation? She regained her spirits and asked, with her arms around his neck, coquettishly, “Where are you going?”

” Have you eaten?” He asked.

Irene had already eaten, but when he heard this, he shook his head cleverly, “Not yet. Let’s eat together?”

“Sit well.” Wu Helian smiled and said in a deep voice.

Irene sat down immediately, not forgetting to wear a seat belt.

The car turned its head in the front and headed towards the unknown front. Hong Kong in the dark, the night view of Victoria Harbour is full of magnificence. Dine under this view and then proceed to the Presidential Suite of the hotel. After a lot of rain, the relationship between men and women was so smooth.

After Wen Cun, Irene picked up a lighter and lit the cigarette for him.

Wu Helian took the cigarette and took a casual sip. He was sitting on the sofa in his bathrobe and was facing the night view outside the French window.

“Lian, shall we go skiing in Switzerland at Christmas?” Irene sat on the arm of the chair, leaning on him with one hand.

Her hair spread, and the fragrance of roses made Wu Helian frown.

How did she suddenly think of her shower gel fragrance.

…… In

these days, Gu Xiaochen worked almost day and night in order to complete the project cooperation case of Huayu Company. After that day, Wu Helian did not return to the apartment, and she also laid back. Go home from work, simply eat something to solve the problem, and then continue to devote yourself to work.

In addition to facing a person’s apartment, I still feel a lonely and lonely. everything is fine.

At noon, Shen Ruo came to Gu Xiaochen for a meal together.

“Xiaochen, I was so busy the other day. We haven’t had a meal together for a long time. Are we together today?” Shen Ruo walked into the office and shouted softly.

Gu Xiaochen pushed the glasses on the bridge of his nose and turned to look at her, “Shen Ruo, not recently. It’s too busy.”

“What are you busy with? You have to eat even if you are busy! Haven’t you heard a saying, people are iron rice is steel, do not eat a meal hungry? “Shen if some can not stand her serious attitude, reluctantly shook his head, trying to soften her want to” eat does not take much time, go thing. “

Guxiao Chen not a little stubborn, smiled and said, “you go. I’m ready for sandwiches, and wasted more than bad.”

Shen If Meizhe, left and right persuade also advised not persuade her, had declared to give up, “good Good. I have n’t bothered you recently. So busy. “

” When the case is over, I invite you to dinner. “Gu Xiaochen smiled apologetically.

“That’s what you said.” Shen Ruo only let her go, and she remembered something, Fox asked, “Xiao Chen, the vice president took you to the restaurant a few days ago?”

Gu Xiaochen buried his head at work and casually said “en”, “I forgot to prepare lunch for the vice president that day.”

“Oh.” Shen Ruo nodded with her lips, only to see that she was too busy to deal with, so she didn’t plan to stay any longer. A sentence, “Then I’m gone. Don’t forget to invite me to dinner.”

“Okay. Bye.”


Shen Ruo turned away, Gu Xiaochen closed the file and set aside, and took another one to open. She stared at the documents quickly and made annotations, so that they could be collected later.

The employees of the investment department all went to dinner, and she seemed to be the only one in the entire department. She took the pre-prepared sandwich from her shoulder bag, took a quick bite, and chewed from time to time. Suddenly seeing the number somewhere, she immediately put down the sandwich and hurriedly picked up the notes.

The door in the secretary room was slightly open, and her serious figure was slightly thin.

Perhaps she was too devoted and did not hear the heavy footsteps sounding outside the office.

Until someone knocked on the door, a low and clear male voice sounded, “Don’t you eat.”

Gu Xiaochen raised her head in anxiety, and saw Yan Xudong leaning against the door, looking at her with a smile. His smile made people feel relaxed and relaxed. She held the pen and clicked the sandwich with a bite on the table and whispered, “I brought the sandwich.”

“How much is enough to eat a sandwich.” Yan Xudong raised an eyebrow, and tricked himself like throwing a food from behind. box.

Gu Xiaochen watched him suspiciously as he walked into the office. Yan Xu opened his food box on the table and saw that two rows of sushi of various tastes were neatly arranged in the food box.

She raised her smile and said shyly, “Why are you so sorry, Manager?”

“We are friends, aren’t we.” Yan Xudong’s brown eyes were particularly gentle at this moment, radiating a moist light and bargaining, “Today I invite you to eat sushi. Tomorrow you will make an

extra sandwich for me. How? ” ” Okay. “Gu Xiaochen was very principled, so he agreed.

Yan Xudong nodded with satisfaction and urged

Shen Sheng, ” Eat . Finished the work.” Gu Xiaochen picked up the sushi politely and ate it. Yan Xudong changed hands and poured a glass of warm water for her, and handed her, “Sushi is a little cold, and hotter will be better.”

“Thank you.” Gu Xiaochen swallowed the food in his mouth and took the water glass from him.

Yan Xudong suddenly shouted in

a deep voice , “Don’t move.” “What’s wrong?” Gu Xiaochen suddenly froze, looking at him with his big eyes.

Yan Xudong leaned over, and the clear and handsome face was getting closer and closer to her. Gu Xiaochen squeezed the glass tightly, and was frightened, leaning back intuitively. But his hand supported the arm of the chair and prevented her from escaping. Seeing that he was going to perch to her, Gu Xiaochen’s tight lips would lightly refuse.

In panic, he stretched out his hand slowly, slender fingers lightly touched her face, but wiped off the grains of her mouth.

“How to eat like a little cat.” Yan Xudong narrowed his eyes, his tone hard to conceal.

Gu Xiaochen was stunned, but actually embarrassed and annoyed. What is she thinking about?

But, just now …

“Is it?” Gu Xiaochen said, drawing a tissue and wiped it in a hurry, as if to wipe away his touch. She dared not go to see him again, drinking water sullenly with her head down.

The eyes under the black-framed glasses flickered, showing her nervousness at the moment.

“You eat slowly. I’m busy too.” Yan Xudong saw her becoming rigid and greeted with a smile.

“Well, good, goodbye.” Gu Xiaochen whispered softly, even without the courage to look at him. After Yan Xudong left, she was relieved.

There was a lot of Shousi left on the table, and the cup was curled with heat.

At the elevator entrance of the investment department, Yan Xudong and Yao Yongxin collided.

Yao Yongxin apparently came back after lunch. When she just walked out of the elevator, she met Yan Xudong. She suddenly realized that she could n’t help joking, “It ’s really hard work for Manager Yan to take the time to visit the class at noon. Xiangle is among them. Hey hey. “

Yan Xudong grabbed her into his arms, and the buddies said,” Tell me if you have any circumstances. Do you know. “

” Good. “Yao Yong hurriedly surrendered.

“Dingdong–” Another elevator came up.

The elevator doors opened slowly, and Wu Haoyang’s tall figure flashed. He saw the embraced two, and his handsome face suddenly sank. He walked silently beside Yan Xudong and Yao Yongxin, only when they were air.

Yao Yongxin lowered his eyes, Yan Xudong gently stroked her comfortably, she said with a smile, “It’s okay.”

…… In the

heated office, Gu Xiaochen was reporting the progress to Wu Haoyang.

“Vice President, regarding Huayu’s oil cooperation case, I have sorted out the relevant information of the competing companies. This is the information.” She said, putting the thick documents in front of him, and this was again said, “Project The team members have begun to prepare a comprehensive copy of the cooperation. “

” At two o’clock in the afternoon, there will be a group meeting. “Gu Xiaochen looked back softly, his eyes moved from the document to Wu Haoyang’s face, but his eyes were sharply focused So startled, he was startled.

Although Wu Haoyang narrowed his eyes, he didn’t blink, but his gaze had no focal length, and he was obviously fascinated.

Gu Xiaochen was a little suspicious and shouted hesitantly, “Vice President?”

Wu Haoyang slowly recovered, and finally his focus was on. He looked up at her standing across from the desk. Sword frowned and shouted, “Gu Xiaochen.”

She was shocked, Wu Haoyang rarely called her name, usually called her “Gu secretary”.

Wu Haoyang more condensate deep eyes snapped, it looked quizzical, faint asked, “whether he will give you what medicine you are so obedient to work for him. I really can not figure out.”

She’s seriously hard work, I will never say anything without any complaint. The project case was assigned, and she devoted herself to almost sleeping and forgetting to eat. For his harshness, she did not make small reports, nor did she frown, but silently did everything best.

But why is she so obedient?

In fact, don’t think he didn’t know, he sent her beside him, but he just sent an eyeliner.

The air is a little condensed and the time is still for a few seconds at this moment.

Gu Xiaochen held the document in her arms, the sun shone down, her fair skin was covered with a layer of pale gold, and said softly, “In fact, I don’t want to be so tired. I go to work and work every day, and I have to organize the information at home. It ’s a secretary. It ’s okay to deal with my own affairs. I do n’t have to worry so much. ”

“ But … ”She paused and smiled shyly,“ I always feel that no matter what I do It doesn’t matter if it’s a failure, as long as I really work hard. “

” Otherwise, it may be regrettable to wait until afterwards. How can I stop sticking to it at first, maybe

I can think of a way to solve it. ” ” I just want to Let your regrets be less. It’s just that. “

Gu Xiaochen’s soft and luscious female voice hovered in the office . The remnants didn’t disperse, and a faint smile appeared on the corner of her mouth.

This is the first time she has dissected herself and spoke her heart in such a calm tone.

Suddenly relieved, as if no longer burdened.

But her words, her stubborn smile, but fixed in Wu Haoyang’s eyes, it is a still picture, which will not disappear for a long time.

After a long while, Wu Haoyang lowered his eyes and sneered coldly, “It’s really a

grand statement. Go out to work.” “Yes.” Gu Xiaochen responded and turned and walked out of the office.

But Wu Haoyang was silent, his eyes closed and he was in deep contemplation.

Gu Xiaochen, who returned to the office, took the door with her backhand. She was sitting in a chair, her thoughts flying far away, and she couldn’t help but recall the past.

The most regrettable thing in her life, the day Gu Qing died, she was in school. Upon hearing the critical news, she was immediately taken to the hospital by the teacher. But traffic jams on the road, she was stranded halfway. When she arrived at the hospital, Gu Qing closed her eyes long ago. And she didn’t even see Gu Qing’s last face.

If, if she got off the car and ran to the hospital at that time, she might be able to see it.

But there is no such thing.

from two o’clock to four o’clock, the group meeting was convened.

Before leaving work, Wu Haoyang and Gu Xiaochen went to the top floor. The first-phase copy of the project case has been finalized and needs to be reported to the superior. Since Gu Xiaochen was relatively more familiar with the details of the project, she also went together. The two went upstairs in an elevator, and Gu Xiaochen knocked on the door of the president’s office.

“Come in.” There was a door across, and his low male voice came through the back of the door, but it made Gu Xiaochen stunned.

Gu Xiaochen opened the door, walked into the office, and gave way to Wu Haoyang.

But she also turned her head at the same time. I saw that on the sofa in the rest area, the woman hugged the man intimately. She leaned her head on his shoulder. The gesture and expression were completely lovers in love. And this woman, Gu Xiaochen knew that she was Miss Irene who had met in Japan for a few days.

The man beside her is naturally Wu Helian.

Wu Haoyang stepped into the office and saw Wu Helian and the women around her. Suddenly wrinkled forehead, revealing a trace of irony that look of disdain, Xipixiaolian to the sentence, “So He is always busy, I knew in advance say hello. Lest disturb the overall interest celebrate.”

“You go outside and wait for me. “Wu Helian whispered to Ilin next to him, and Ilin immediately stood up cleverly.” She smiled politely at Wu Haoyang, and when she walked past Gu Xiaochen, she nodded again, saying hello.

Gu Xiaochen also nodded slightly at her, then closed the door gently.

The two went to the sofa and sat down. Gu Xiaochen handed over the documents and looked up at Wu Helian, who was so strange with his cold face.

After some conversation, the topic was around the business. Half an hour had passed until the initial copy of the project was confirmed. Wu Haoyang and Gu Xiaochen got up one after the other and walked out of the office. Ilin, who waited patiently outside the office, finally stood up and walked in.

The moment the door closed, she heard Erin spoiled pleasant female voice, “Lin, busy working? Weekend is Christmas, we went to Switzerland, OK?”

The female voice will gradually fade, Guxiao Chen hit the bulkhead in front of a sudden stop of Wu Haoyang .

“Don’t think about things when you walk! If you have time to think blindly, it’s better to dress up and dress yourself up. You can marry yourself!” Wu Haoyang shouted and looked at her deeply.

Gu Xiaochen uttered an “Oh” and lowered his head secretly, but he couldn’t help thinking: These days he didn’t return to the apartment, it turned out to be with Miss Irene.

How suddenly there is a sour feeling.

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