Chapter 47: Stupidly naive

Chen Xi was glaring and Gu Xiaochen woke up quietly. She habitually picked up her glasses and put them on, got up and got out of bed. Lifting the quilt and a cool body, I realized that I was not wearing anything. She hurriedly picked up the scattered clothes and put them on in a hurry. She prefers cotton pajamas, which will make her feel like home.

Warm cotton, just like mother.

Gu Xiaochen asked the Lord in surprise, preparing to walk into the bathroom.

But she had just taken her steps, and a low and gloomy male voice came from the living room. “Who bought this for you?”

Gu Xiaochen was taken aback by the sudden male voice, and she looked back anxiously to see him sitting on the sofa smokes. Obviously he had finished washing and put on a clean shirt and trousers. A handsome face was clear and tidy, but there was a trace of haze again.

He squinted the eagle’s eyes and locked her to her eyes.

Gu Xiaochen turned around and faced him, looking around and saw the coffee table in front of him. Those pockets were the ones she put down after she returned home yesterday.

She was stunned, but she couldn’t answer.

Wuhe Lian glanced things on the coffee table, mouth Qin Zhao hint of curvature, misty said, “really determined, and chocolate, and a scarf. I ask you, then, how not to answer? Who gave you buy?”

Guxiao Chen clench She was always so embarrassed in front of him.

“Zhou Chengze?” Wu Helian said his name faintly, his eyes narrowed, and he asked sharply, “Can’t I afford Wu Helian? Or you have a big appetite and think I am not enough?”

“No …” Gu Xiaochen wriggled Lips, I found myself saying nothing.

Wu Helian sniffed a cigarette and got up and walked in front of her. Stopping, he reached out and squeezed her jaw tightly, and lifted up to face him. I saw her white face with strong stubbornness, and the pair of clear eyes made him feel so unclean at the moment.

The thought of wanting to destroy is starting to get stronger again.

“What’s your relationship with him?” He let go of his hand suddenly and looked at her loosely.

Gu Xiaochen knew who the “he” in his mouth meant, but how should he explain the relationship between them. Not a loved one, nor a lover, nor a friend. They are not strangers on the road, but they are like strangers.

There is only one relationship between her and him-her mother is now his.

But what should she say?

The promises she once made, the promises she would never make in a lifetime, she will never lose faith.

Gu Xiaochen bit his lip bluntly and said nothing.

Wu Helian saw her profile dignified and depressed, and laughed lightly, “No wonder he will plead with me, he is your sweetheart.”

After hanging up the phone yesterday, he received a message.

The message reads like this: I hope Mr. He will not call my girlfriend in private time.

Today, he finally knows why.

“You are really selfless, you gave yourself away.” Wu Helian’s voice was not salty or light, as if it came from a far away and said sharply, “You think he really wants you? Like you The girl, he just used you, and threw you away after he used it. “

” Worry, don’t dream anymore. I’m so naive. “The smoke in his hand burned to the floor.

Gu Xiaochen stared at the soot falling on the floor, only to feel his heart suffocated for a while.

This suffocation was like she was sick and had a cold and couldn’t breathe. So sad. But in the past, her mother would accompany her when she was sick with a cold. Today, she can no longer act coquettishly. Everything should learn to face alone.

“You don’t have to worry about it.” Gu Xiaochen said strenuously, so dry that he didn’t speak for a long time.

Although her voice was very soft, she was very firm and said calmly, “This is my business.” With

such a simple sentence, the Chuhe Han boundary is clearly distinguished.

Between them is just a transaction, a contract.

When the contract was over, he crossed his Yangguan Road, and she walked her single-wood bridge, and since then, there will be no intersection.

This is her business, and why does he care?

Indeed, he was too busy.

Wu Helian grew more indifferent, just turned to the coffee table, picked up those things, and threw them all into the trash can. Gu Xiaochen was too late to stop and stared at him dumbly. Without looking back, he walked out of the apartment. “I don’t like my woman holding someone else’s things. Don’t have it for the second time.” The

door closed with a click, empty.

Gu Xiaochen was stiff for a long while, her eyes were full of tears, and she lifted her hand to wipe it away. Going to the trash can, picking up chocolates and scarves, sitting on the knees all at once, telling yourself not to cry.

As she lowered her head, holding these things, she burst into tears and cried.

the sound of the wind whizzing by his ears, like a knife cutting his cheek.

Here comes a call.

Wu Helian held the steering wheel with one hand and picked up the phone with the other hand to connect the call.

“Brother, have you come back?” Wu Miaoke’s clear female voice sounded and disappeared in the wind.

“On the way.” Wu Helian said in a deep voice.

Wu Helian’s sword eyebrow condensed and stepped on the accelerator.

In the distance, a black Lamborghini approached slowly. The door of the magnificent villa was opened and the car drove in smoothly. This is the luxury private villa of the Wu family. This villa is the property and foundation left from the grandfather’s time, and it is now worthless.

Businessmen pay attention to feng shui, this villa is the feng shui treasure of the Wu family.

“Second young master.” The butler shouted with joy when he saw Wu Helian.

Wu Helian nodded slightly, “How about Miss?”

“Back to the young master’s words, the young lady is painting in the back garden.” The butler turned back respectfully.

Wu Helian headed towards the back garden.

In the bright weather, the warm sunshine dispersed the cold of early winter. A petite and pleasant figure is painting in the gloomy back garden. Wu Helian came behind her and looked at her silently without interrupting her. And his indifferent expression only showed a trace of softness, a little sunshine.

Wu Miaoke is still painting, holding paintbrushes to paint colors. She is painting an Italian church. The oil painting itself has a strong color, and it is a beautiful work that has accumulated over time. At this quiet moment, Wu Miaoke’s ease and tranquility made Wu Helian feel relaxed.

Wu Miaoke finally stopped and turned to get the paint.

Looking back, I saw Wu Helian did not know when to stand behind her.

His presence made Wu Miaoke raise a smile and screamed in surprise, “Brother, why don’t you shout at me. How long have you been standing?”

Wu Miaoke hurriedly put down his painting tools and ran to Wu Helian and hugged him in a wicker chair . There was still some hot tea and snacks on the table. Wu Miaoke poured a cup for him and said deceptively, “Brother, you drink it, this is the dried rose tea that my mother planted.”

Wu Miao But in the Wu family, her birth mother is the third wife of the Wu family.

The third lady died of Wu Miaoke when she was born, so Wu Miaoke never saw her biological mother in person, only recognized the woman in the photo. She was raised by her second wife Ji Yuehua since she was a child, and the two have very good feelings.

In addition to being close to Ji Yuehua, Wu Miaoke has the best relationship with her second brother Wu Helian.

When I was young, it was raining and I was afraid of thunder. It was the second brother who held her and slept together. Wu Helian’s existence has a special meaning for Wu Miaoke.

Wu Helian took over the tea cup and held it in her hand but did not drink it.

“Brother, dinner at noon, okay?” Wu Miao be asked carefully, eyes full of hope, “father and mother, as well as the third brother in our family for a long time not so together, eat together, right?”

Cup of warm When the intention touched the finger, Wu Helian said “en”, and he agreed.

“Great!” Wu Miaoke sighed with relief, yelling happily, “I’ll tell the cook to cook a few more dishes you love! Brother, you wait for me! I’ll be back soon! Qian Cheng is not allowed to leave ! “

Wu Miao can happily got up and rushed out of the garden, leaving Wuhe Lian sit quietly.

The rose tea in his hand gradually cooled down, and he took a sip of his head.

Two years ago, Wu Helian moved out of the Wu family, and then seldom went home to dinner, and rarely contacted the Wu family. He didn’t talk much at first, and his temperament was deep. Since he moved away, there has been less contact. Outside, he is a business genius that the Wu family talks about, but inside, he is just a person who is reluctant to mention.

In the bright dining room, Wu Helian sat alone on the seat.

This is his position, except that he will not have a second person sitting.

Wu Haoyang walked into the restaurant for the first time. He saw Wu Helian, and he was surprised for a moment. The expression looked like he had seen a ghost. He silently walked to his place and sat down, teasing, “Rare.”

“Yesterday I drank a lot of wine.” Wu Helian didn’t care about his teasing, Shen Jing spit out such a sentence.

Wu Haoyang’s expression remained the same, but his eyes narrowed when he bowed his head.

“Mom, today I deliberately let the cook cook your favorite food. You must eat more.” Wu Miaoke’s soft female voice gradually came, making Wu Helian slightly suffocated.

In the next second, Ji Yuehua, dressed in a simple and graceful manner, walked into the restaurant accompanied by Wu Miaoke. The smile on Ji Yuehua’s face changed slightly after confronting Wu Helian in the restaurant, and he didn’t converge unconsciously. She just smiled faintly, strangely and far away.

“Mom, sit down.” Wu Miaoke helped Ji Yuehua to sit down, and she sat beside her. She glanced up at a vigorous figure, and shouted again, “Dad.”

Wu Jizong was the last to walk into the restaurant. He was well-dressed and a typical entrepreneur. With a pipe in his hand, he likes to take a sip. He walked steadily, his eyes fixed on the extra person on the table, his old face was dull, and he was not happy.

Wu Jizong sat upright and said in a deep voice, “Let’s have dinner.”

Everyone talked long and everyone started to move chopsticks.

Wu Haoyang asked casually, “Miao Ke, didn’t your painting win the prize?”

“Brother, how do you know? Yesterday the tutor asked me whether to go to France …” Wu Miao Ke looked proud, just her words Halfway through, he was interrupted.

“Girls don’t need to know anything! Painting can be used as entertainment, not your career!” Wu Jizong said with a deep voice.

Wu Miao Ke suddenly dull, lowered his head to eat rice.

“Everyone has their own goals, Miao Ke likes it.” Wu Helian looked up, and the male voice sounded silently.

“What? Miao Ke also bothers you? Our Wu family can afford a child!” The chopsticks in Wu Jizong’s hands were photographed on the table, and the atmosphere on the dining table was suddenly full of gunpowder.

Wu Haoyang frowned, Wu Miaoke quickly rounded the field, “Dad, let’s eat, I won’t go to France.”

“I’m not very comfortable, I don’t eat anymore.” Ji Yuehua also put down the chopsticks, and the injury will leave.

Before her, someone stood up.

“Suddenly thought of something else, I will go first.” Wu Helian said indifferently, turned around and walked without looking back.

“It’s getting more and more unruly!” Wu Jizong clapped on the table, and the result of the dinner was unhappy.

“Poo poo poo–” The kitchen is stewing ribs soup, Gu Xiaochen took a spoon with a spoon, tasted the taste, nodded in satisfaction.

She filled a bowl for herself and turned and walked out of the kitchen to the dining room.

The door of the apartment was opened.

The air outside was immediately drilled in, and Wu Helian’s tall figure blocked most of the door. He looked at her silently, but she looked at him in a daze. And she was wearing an apron, holding a bowl of soup in her hands.

Gu Xiaochen was embarrassed to remember the quarrel in the morning.

But it doesn’t work like this, what should I say.

She faltered for a long time, staring in the hands of the bowl end to him and whispered, “it’s cold outside, drink a bowl of soup?”

Five points of the weather has been somewhat dark, and the living room lights.

Dim yellow lights, the soup still praising in the kitchen overflowed with fragrance.

Gu Xiaochen was holding the bowl in both hands. The cowardly and cautious appearance made Wu Helian feel very strange, but very warm. She was like an ordinary housewife, wearing an apron, long black hair pulled up, and even hooked her ears, but a strand of hair fell on the right ear, showing a bit of laziness and softness.

Such she let his tight handsome face relax.

Crap. Isn’t it angry? Gu Xiaochen couldn’t get his response, and he murmured secretly while standing on the spot.

Wu Helian walked silently and walked past her. He took off his blazer as he walked, and then sat down on the dining table chair. Looking around at her,

Shen Sheng said, “Aren’t you going to drink it for me?” “Well? Well!” Gu Xiaochen looked back awkwardly and hurriedly brought the hot soup to him. She picked up the blazer set aside and hung it on the red-carved wooden hanger.

She looked back at him and saw that he was staring at the bowl of hot soup in a daze.

“Don’t you drink?” Gu Xiaochen whispered to him.

Wu Helian’s eyebrows fell, and the male voice was extremely low. You spit out a few words, “There is no spoon.”

“I forgot.” Gu Xiaochen suddenly realized, face shy, and immediately ran into the kitchen and took the spoon to him.

Wu Helian took the spoon and started drinking soup without a word.

Gu Xiaochen noticed a little, no matter when and where he was facing someone, he always maintained his elegant and graceful style when eating. This noble temperament may be born with it. However, she couldn’t help looking at him, wanting to know that the soup she cooked was not to his taste.

“What are you standing for?” Wu Helian asked in a deep voice.

“There are dishes, I’ll get them.” Gu Xiaochen said to me.

The dishes are very simple, so simple.

One dish and one soup, a plate of scrambled eggs with tomatoes, a bowl of pork rib soup, and two bowls of rice.

The two sat at the same dining table in the two-bedroom apartment.

But the deserted apartment has a hint of warmth, no longer so lonely.

Gu Xiaochen bowed his head and chopped up the food discreetly, she dared not look at him directly. Seeing him eating a tomato, she whispered, “I don’t know you come back for dinner, so I didn’t make a few more dishes. Next time … If you come back next time, tell me in advance, I can make more.”

Wu Helian Hearing her soft and luscious female voice, she suddenly raised her head and saw that she shrank at the corner of the dining table, a pitiful look of a young wife. He moved his lips and said in a deep voice, “I don’t need you to do housework in the future, I will ask you a Filipino maid.”

“No.” Gu Xiaochen shook his head and shook his chopsticks gently, “Anyway, usually Nothing to do, and … and I like to do housework, cooking, and soup. “

Most of the girls now love to play, dress up, and lively, either karaoke or singing. How could there be someone like her who loves to do housework and cooking? She is simply an alien.

She was so strange, but let his heart slightly move.

Wu Helian stopped talking and bored her head to eat.

And she didn’t ask him after all, was the soup delicious?

After eating, Gu Xiaochen washes dishes in the kitchen while Wu Helian sat on the sofa and watched TV. This kind of life gives people the illusion that it is not a temporary residence, but a home.

Turning off the faucet, Gu Xiaochen took off his apron and wiped his hands.

In the living room, Wu Helian was smoking a cigarette. My eye caught a glimpse of Guxiao Chen out of the kitchen, his handling white smoke rings, Chen Sheng said, “Come here.”

Guxiao Chen walked over to him, cried softly, “Lin Master.”

Lin Master? Why did this title suddenly displease him? Wu Helian just pulled out a gold card from her clothes and handed it to her, “Buy something later and swipe this card. I don’t need to save for me.”

“I have work and income myself , Enough is enough. “Gu Xiaochen just didn’t want to make himself completely the kind of canary, the kind of woman who was kept.

Subconsciously, she stubbornly rejects other people’s money.

Perhaps this will make her feel better. It is even used to disguise that humbleness.

“Take it and hold it, so there are so many words.” Wu Helian grabbed her hand and put the gold card into her hand.

Gu Xiaochen held the golden card, feeling like holding a hot potato, but he could only accept it.

“I’m going to take a shower.” She said obediently.

“Wait.” Wu Helian stopped her, and Gu Xiaochen looked at him with open eyes in confusion.

The smoke in his hand was ignited with sparks, and those eyes looked like sparks, Wu Helian stared at her eyes, and the magnetic male voice said, “I will call my name directly in private. I will listen to it with a call.”

Name? Call his name directly?

Gu Xiaochen was suddenly embarrassed, so simple and ordinary two words, but because it is his name, it has become no longer the same. A pair of eyes is very innocent, she moved her lips, but found that this is an extremely difficult thing, even more difficult than the college entrance examination.

“Tongue was bitten by a cat?” His bright black eyes flashed, his eyes condensed.

Gu Xiaochen’s face flicked red, and he

began to rub his lips, shouting in embarrassment, “He Lian.” Wu Helian shook her head, not satisfied with her cry.

Do you want her to call him that intimately? Gu Xiaochen embarrassedly wanted to dig a hole and drill down, grabbing the clothes swing with both hands, about to break.

Wu Helian put the cigarette to her mouth and looked at her playfully.

And she slowly

started shouting shyly and shyly, “Ah.” Wu Helian suddenly froze, and the smoking stopped. Silent Junrong’s look rose from here, he stared at her, a flash of light flashed in his eyes, quickly disappearing. Just smoked a cigarette, and felt a burning breath in the lungs, pressing tightly on the chest.

“I … I went to take a bath.” Gu Xiaochen bit his lip and hurriedly ran into the bathroom.

She did not call him “Lian” like those lovers, and her voice was not a little soft and soft.

In this world, only one person called him “Ahe.”

Now there is one more.

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