Chapter 36: Absolutely not included

The faint smell of cologne was so good, his breath surrounded her, she opened her eyes in a panic, his tongue just so aggressively drilled into her mouth for a while, stirring her tongue. She reached out to refute, the vague supporter “don’t want”, and the big palm he held on her back was harder.

She was not allowed to have a chance to resist at all, kissed her fiercely, and gradually became gentle.

His kiss made her tremble slightly.

Her hand touched his chest, but was frightened by the hot temperature of his chest.


There was a disturbance in his breath, and he stared at her closely, his low, hoarse voice, “This is a reward.”

reward? Gu Xiaochen’s confusion.

“Reward you to remember what I said, even if you haven’t listened to it.” Wu Helian raised her lips and the expression looked like a tutor, and she was the student that made him proud.

Gu Xiaochen was only stunned and seemed to have not recovered. Her slightly opened red lips prevented him from moving his eyes. The thought that had just been depressed fluttered again, and he simply let go of his hand and continued to drive in a correct posture. When the car drove again, Gu Xiaochen tightened the tissue box and said nothing. He was afraid that he would say more and would be teased by him.

But what a reward!

Gu Xiaochen rubbed his hair depressively, he pressed a button, and the moderate wind slowly blown towards her. His careful movement made her slightly colder.

The rainy sky outside the window gradually turned into clear.

The car stopped slowly before reaching the residential area, and Gu Xiaochen unfastened his seat belt.

“Take a hot bath first at home.” Wu Helian turned her head and looked at her semi-wet clothes and hair, indifferently.

Gu Xiaochen nodded and gave a dull “en” sound. She opened the door and hesitated, but still dared to meet him, and said seriously, “Master Lian, if you want to reward me in the future, can you change the way?” She paused and said again, “Or, Am I entitled to refuse rewards? ”

Wu Helian had a hidden smile under her eyes, and Shen Sheng said, “Why? You don’t like such rewards?”

“You know …” he said, while approaching her, “how many women want it?”

Gu Xiaochen was so scared that he immediately jumped out of the car and backhanded the door. Standing outside the car, she bowed her head and said righteously, “I don’t know how many women want it, but it definitely doesn’t include me. Thank you, Master Lian, for sending me home again, be careful on the road, bye.”

Her concluding remarks are always the same, but Wu Helian is more smiling.

He sitting in the car, currently she walked into the residential building, and then stepped on the accelerator and walked away.

The tires accelerated through the water on the side of the road, causing a wave of water.

The elevator rose to the twelfth floor, Gu Xiaochen used to grope for the key in the satchel.

As soon as I walked out of the elevator door, I heard a female voice in front of you, “Why did you just leave work?”

“Yu Mei?” Gu Xiaochen raised her head and saw that Yu Mei was standing against the door. There were women’s cigarettes in her slender fingers. She was exquisitely dressed, and the beautiful legs under her short skirt were very sexy. Xu waited for a long time, her high heels with polished feet had been taken off, and she stepped on the ground barefoot.

Yu Mei is already a woman with amorous feelings and coquettishly said, “Let me wait so long, you have to compensate me.”

Gu Xiaochen walked up to her and bent down to lift her high-heeled shoes. “Okay, I’ll give you soup. What kind of soup would you like to drink?”

“Big Bone Soup.” Yu Mei hugged her and said with a smile, “Our family Xiaochen is so nice.”

“But you have to go to the supermarket to buy some materials first.” Gu Xiaochen opened the door with the key and turned his head.

As soon as she turned her head, Yu Mei’s eyes tightened, as if she had caught a little braid, and screamed, “Wow, Gu Xiaochen, you are terrible. Are you making a boyfriend?”

“No.” Gu Xiaochen was confused, but how suddenly someone appeared in his mind.

Yu Mei smiled ambiguously and whispered, “Tell me which man robbed your first kiss?”

Gu Xiaochen was slightly suffocated, as if realizing something, rushed into the apartment and rushed into the bathroom. Standing in front of Xiyutai, she saw her in the mirror, her hair hanging down her chest, her face still white to no blood, but … God, her lips were red and swollen, as if ruthless Invaded the same.

Suddenly, one blushed.

Gu Xiaochen was so embarrassed that he wanted to die, and he hated his teeth for a certain culprit.

“Dear drops.” Yu Meitian’s deadly female voice sounded, standing at the door of the bathroom and asking, “Frankly wide, resist strict.”

That night, Gu Xiaochen was stalked by Yu Mei and asked “the culprit”, so he refused to give up.

And Gu Xiaochen kept defending the line of defense, and just kept silent.

The two had been tossing into the early hours, Yu Mei was really weak, and admired to fall on the bed, decided to abandon the fortress, “Xiaoli, I decided not to ask you. But you better take me recently in Hong Kong I’ll see the man’s appointment. I think men are more accurate than you, so I can check for you. ”

When she got up early and feared, Yu Mei was still sleeping.

Gu Xiaochen prepared for her earlier, and then left the apartment to go to work.

Just after nine o’clock, Wu Helian came to the company.

Gu Xiaochen immediately got up to make coffee, just like the first day before, “Master Lotus, coffee.”

Wu Helian was reviewing the document, looking up her body, facing her face, and asked casually, “Did you sleep well?”

“No.” Gu Xiaochen did not admit.

Don’t blame him yet? Gu Xiaochen’s eyes complained a little.

“But …” Wu Helian picked up the coffee cup and stared at her faintly, “I don’t seem to be sleeping well.”

What’s about her? Gu Xiaochen thought secretly, but felt uneasy because of his attention.

“Because …” His eyes were bright, he whispered, “I’m thinking of someone.”

Her heart thumped.

It happened that someone knocked on the door, Gu Xiaochen said quickly, “I’m going out first.”

The supervisor of a certain department came in, and Wu Helian picked up the coffee elegantly and took a sip.

“Assistant Gu …” The colleague just started, Gu Xiaochen immediately got up and placed the prepared materials on her desk, and said softly, “Vanke Electronics’ auxiliary materials.”

Colleagues froze and opened the document to see that they saw dozens of pages of clear and meticulous information. She couldn’t help but wonder, what’s going on? Yesterday it didn’t look good, why did you seem to be a different person today?

Gu Xiaochen sat back to his position and continued to work, the corner of his mouth was a touch of arc.

Gu Xiaochen reached out and picked up, “Hello, which one?”

“Assistant Gu, Master Lian asked you to go to the office.” Over the phone, Secretary Xia said coldly.

“Oh, good.” Gu Xiaochen responded, but he was suspicious.

Hanging up the phone, Gu Xiaochen got up and walked out of the office to knock on the door of the president’s office. She pushed the door in and saw only the two people sitting on the sofa in the office, Wu Helian and Yan Xudong.

Wu Helian’s stern face grew deeper, but she was quiet.

The atmosphere is not quite right, so solemn, it makes people feel chilly.

Yan Xudong seemed to be in high spirits, staring at her and whispering, “I’m here to catch the thief for you.”

Catch a thief? Gu Xiaochen was stunned and even more confused.

“Just look at it.” Yan Xudong blew, and the office door was knocked again.

Gu Xiaochen stood aside and turned his head to look at the coming person, only to see that the coming person was Zhang Manli. Zhang Manli also saw Gu Xiaochen, and Li Rong, who was originally smiling, immediately withdrew a smile and immediately treated with caution, revealing a trace of hostility.

“Master Lian, speak to the manager.” Zhang Manli shouted with a smile.

Yan Xudong then looked at Zhang Manli, the handsome smile that had always been humorous was rarely gloomy, “Miss Zhang, I think there are some things that must be explained clearly. The assistant Gu is also there.”

Zhang Manli suffocated with a smile, “I don’t know what the manager said, what is it?”

“You and Miss Gu were responsible for the voting case with Rongsheng Company. The night before the bidding, when did you leave the company?” Yan Xudong asked coldly.

Zhang Manli raised her eyebrows, “I was off work with you that night. The manager can ask Assistant Gu.”

“You don’t have to rush to clarify.” Yan Xudong said in a deep voice, eyes narrowed, “I just want to know if you return to the company after you leave?”

Zhang Manli stunned the whole person and said hard, “No.”

“How do you explain this?” Yan Xudong held something in his hand, which was a general videotape. “This was taken by the company monitor. You did leave with other employees at one in the morning, but returned at two. the company.”

“What are you doing here in the middle of the night?” Yan Xudong smiled and spit out a few words.

“I …” Zhang Manli’s expression changed suddenly, and said anxiously, “I didn’t take the bid! It’s not me! It’s really not me! I just forgot to take the phone and came back to get it.”

Yan Xudong held the video tape and said with a smile, “I offered to resign, understand?”

“Mr. Yan!” Zhang Manli didn’t want to lose this job, but he shouted to Gu Xiaochen, “Gu Assistant! Really not me! You have to believe me! Master Lian! I swear it’s really not me!”

Wu Helian was silent, her deep amber eyes were cold, and her indifferent expression was daunting.

Zhang Manli suddenly flushed his eyes, “It’s really not me.”

In the silent office, her trembling female voice hovered. Gu Xiaochen, who remained silent from beginning to end, suddenly spoke, and the female voice was soft and powerful, “Master Lian, manager, I do n’t think it ’s Team Leader Zhang.”

Wu Helian’s eyes dropped, and Yan Xudong turned to look at her.

Gu Xiaochen said with a smile, “Who will destroy the results of their hard work, which is like …” She meditated, and said slowly, “No mother … will not love her children.”

The camera freezes for a moment.

Wu Helian’s indifferent expression seemed to be stunned, and he slowly looked up at her, and she smiled brightly, her bright eyes warming the heart like the sun.

After a few seconds of deadlock, Wu Helian finally spoke, “Miss Zhang, go out to work.”

Zhang Manli slowly recovered, bowed slightly and turned away.

Yan Xudong narrowed his eyes and looked at her, he called her name, “Gu Xiaochen.”

“Well?” She opened her eyes wide.

“Your example is very interesting.” Yan Xudong’s smile fluttered, and he said right again in the next second, “However, a character like yours will suffer a great deal from working in the society, they will only feel that you are bullying well and will be decent . ”

“I just think … the partners should trust each other.” Gu Xiaochen lowered his head.

“You also go out to work.” Wu Helian withdrew her eyes and her eyes were deep.

“Yes.” Gu Xiaochen responded and shouted again, “Manager, can you give me this video?”

“It’s useless anyway.” Yan Xudong handed the videotape to her, Gu Xiaochen took it with a smile, and the thin figure walked out of the office.

“She is so simple.” Yan Xudong sighed with emotion.

Wu Helian just said lightly, “You still need to exercise.”

Yan Xudong no longer speaks, tacit understanding, “However, Lian, she is really a very special girl.” Whenever Yan Xudong changed his mouth and no longer shouted “He Zong”, this proved their identity. No longer the boss and subordinate.

Yan Xudong took out the smoke and handed him the roots. Wu Helian took the light, and a pale face appeared in the smoke.

It’s really special.

She was the first woman to reject him.

Gu Xiaochen took the videotape all the way to the top floor of the platform, here is an empty free field. At a glance, the sky stretched to the horizon, out of gray dust. Gu Xiaochen stood in the center of the platform, closed his eyes and took a deep breath of fresh air. She pulled the film of the videotape and pulled it endlessly.

The wind was blowing head-on, and the film was spinning in mid-air.

“Gu Xiaochen–” she shouted, “you will definitely do better–”

This autumn in Hong Kong, it rains particularly frequently.

“Master Lian, the various departments of the program consortium for the next quarter have submitted. The report of the previous quarter will be submitted tomorrow tomorrow.” Secretary Xia Yuan’s cold female voice hovered quietly in the office, attached to the calm.

Wu Helian said quietly, “You can get off work.”

“Yes.” Xia Yuan responded, turning around and leaving. But the foot moved aside, hesitated, and turned to him again, “Master Lian.”

“Something?” Wu Helian Jianmei raised her eyebrows.

“I don’t know if Master Lian made an appointment today?” Xia Yuan said with a smile, her fingers clasped on the document.

Wu Helian stared at her, the cold male voice did not have a trace of temperature, “You should know my rules.”

“I’m sorry, Master Lian.” Xia Yuan said awkwardly, flushed and turned to run.

Absolutely touching women in the company, this is his principle of doing things.

In the assistant’s office, Gu Xiaochen processed the final document and found that he was left. Yu Mei lived for a few days and left again. Anyway, it ’s also a person to go home. He just sorts things out slowly, and does n’t hurry. After packing up, Gu Xiaochen lifted the shoulder bag and closed the door and walked into the elevator.

Pressing the button, the elevator door closed slowly, but opened again at the last second.

Gu Xiaochen looked up in surprise. Wu Helian threw her suit over her shoulder in one hand and supported the door with one hand, exuding her unique charm. She was too late to recover, he walked slowly into the elevator, and the spacious space suddenly became narrow due to his arrival.

“Off work?” He asked Shen Sheng, his eyes unbiased.


“A person?”

How is this dialogue again. Gu Xiaochen couldn’t help but wonder, remembering that she owed him one more time. Without waiting for him to speak, she said voluntarily, “Master Lian, if you are also alone, then I invite you to dinner.”

Wu Helian turned her head nonchalantly and looked at her, saying four words that made people vomit blood.

This attitude is really annoying.

Gu Xiaochen deflated his mouth and said softly, “It’s so embarrassing, you can’t go.”

“Oh.” He laughed, and that laugh made Gu Xiaochen really want to dig a hole and drill down.

The elevator reached the ground floor, and the two walked out of the hall one after the other. Wu Helian insisted that she wait at the roadside, and he went to pick up the car himself. Sure enough, he still couldn’t bear him, but after a while, he drove to her in front of her. Gu Xiaochen opened the door and got in the car.

Not far away, Xia Yuan, who drove back to the company to get things, happened to see this scene.

Xia Yuan stared at the license plate number in front of her, and grasped the steering wheel with both hands.

It started to rain again.

The car was driving on the street, shuttled in the light rain. After stopping at a corner parking area, Gu Xiaochen glanced at abroad and asked confusedly, “How do I get here?”

“Isn’t it to invite me to dinner?” Wu Helian said in a deep voice, and got off the train.

The door was opened, and Gu Xiaochen drilled out with a satchel.

“You lead the way.” Wu Helian turned her head to look at the deep alley opposite and took a step forward.

Gu Xiaochen was stunned and caught up with him, “let’s change place.”

“Lead the way.” He glanced back at her with a firm voice.

Gu Xiaochen was gone, so he had to take him towards the shop deep in the alley. Because it is rainy, there are not many guests in the shop. Granny saw Gu Xiaochen, and then the handsome man behind her, shouting enthusiastically, “Xiaochen, I haven’t come in a few days. This gentleman, come, please.”

“Thank you grandma.” The two were taken to the quietest corner of the shop, Gu Xiaochen sat down, and Wu Helian also sat down.

Gu Xiaochen handed him the menu, “What do you want to eat?”

Wu Helian did not pick it up, and said indifferently, “as you please.”

“That’s it, I’m the master and serve the best dishes.” Granny said with a smile.

“Okay.” Gu Xiaochen nodded slightly, and Granny turned to work. Then she looked slowly at him opposite, and his dazzling temperament was incompatible with that.

But how long did it take for the dish to come up, the steaming fragrance was tangy.

“Mister is here for the first time? Try this taste and taste.” Granny stood aside and urged with a smile.

Wu Helian smiled at her grandmother, picked up the chopsticks and grabbed a dish, and slowly put it in the mouth. Gu Xiaochen stared at him closely, the chopsticks in his hands also pinched tightly. He was quiet, she couldn’t help but asked cautiously, “how?”

He put down his chopsticks and slowly looked up, “It tastes good.”

“That’s good, you eat slowly.” Granny heard him say this, smiling more cheerfully, and no longer disturbed.

Gu Xiaochen lowered his head and silently ate food.

After a meal, the two did not have much words, and the atmosphere was quite harmonious. After eating, Wu Helian took out her wallet and took a few colorful bills to put down. Gu Xiaochen grabbed the money and handed it back to him, said stubbornly, “It’s my treat that’s done.”

Wu Helian stared at her and silently recovered her money.

Out of the shop, the two walked out of the alley quietly. It’s not far from Gu Xiaochen’s home here. She claimed that she could go back on her own, but Wu Helian didn’t say a word, just smoked a cigarette and sent her silently. The rain has stopped and the air is very fresh.

In front is the residential building, Gu Xiaochen stopped, “Just send it here.”

Wu Helian smoked a cigarette, and a bright spark went out in her left hand. The smell of tobacco came, and his voice was distant, “Would you like me to sit up?”

“I don’t think it’s necessary anymore.” She clutched her shoulder bag tightly, her eyes a bit like being against wolves.

Wu Helian raised her lips with interest, but her eyes swept over the top of her head and looked behind her. Gu Xiaochen couldn’t help frowning and turned his head suspiciously.

A car was parked across the road, and the lights were not on.

Under the street light, a long figure leaned against the body, that was … Zhou Chengze.

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